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A holding midfielder originally, JUGADOR did a decent defensive job and had a tendency to cut infield so he didn't win much wide or in 1v1 situations today

Adequate display today without standing out, adds another goal to his tally (10 in last 18 outings) but at 23 seems to have reached his peak as ready to maybe move on to a mid-table club in Europe without really being a proper LFC target.

Another convincing performance by DEFENSOR quite imposing and exuding confidence yet maybe not perfect in terms of reacting to some situations

Another honest, committed performance by JUGADOR with some good efforts, recovery and desire to get forward and make himself available even if they didn't give him enough service

Another honest, determined display even if we are talking about a C/MF operating at RB due to suspension -he never excels but he also rarely ever gets poor ratings

Another valuable contribution to his team but we'd need to assess him at CB only and pay special attention to his lack of agility/coordination in some key moments in/around the box

Basically his inclusion hd to do with EQUIPO being on 10 men and needing to maintain the result here escaping the pressure, so basically they produced a 3 man line along with defensive wing-backs to park the bus and win this

B-C for me as on the one hand JUGADOR scored the winner here (winning the final for them) and does keep a very good goalscoring record, but otherwise does not show extreme / outstanding characteristics or potential especially from a technical point of view

Before and after that he wasn't all that involved or intelligent with his movement / team work and you can see he's still very much work in progress but boy can he turn a game

Besides his technical ability (strikes the ball really well with meaning, diversity and precision) he is known for his versatility to operate in a number of roles but right back, or right wing-back are his preferred ones

Besides that JUGADOR put in a great effort for his team fighting a physical battle v RIVAL, offering himself, running up and down and combining activities in the box with exchanges with COMPAÑERO and defensive input down the right hand side

Best man on the pitch today even if he got tired towards the end

Best player for EQUIPO in this game and so far in the tournament however not real top draw

Bit hectic and nervous but did create quite a bit -lots of mobility and pace and ended up being the hero today by grabbing the winner in stoppage time

Bit naive at times taking too long to release but still quite effective, providing good solutions and using the ball reasonably well

But he did stand out and showed some interesting things especially after 10' or so when moved to a role similar to Steven Gerrard's I guess

Came on and showed much more than JUGADOR Q SALE had shown

Came on and was only 25' on the pitch but once again showed 2-3 interesting things

Came on as a sub and made a decent contribution, providing intensity, wining goals and distributing simply as he is aware of his limitations

Came on at half time as EQUIPO was sparing its starting 11 with a view to their upcoming Copa Libertadores fixtures, and his involvement help them ensure a valuable win away from home in which they controlled the tempo

Came on at half time for the injured, JUGADORQSALIO and showed more resolve and aggressiveness than the latter helping EQUIPO get out of the pressure and play a higher line

Came on at HT and looked a far better prospect than JUGADORQSALE, his predecessor

Came on in the 2nd half, wasn't overly tested but found the time to score EQUIPO's 3rd goal (and the last of the game) via a header that wasn't properly dealt with by the GK

Consistency is an issue for JUGADOR he comes from a small club locally and this was the first time (in the whole season I believe!) to actually have performed the full 90' so this is very good for him

Constructive way to play RB even if his whole team was a poor one

Decent performance although RIVALES didn't quite pose any danger on the day, they cruised to victory and looked fairly superior

Decent performance and prolific as usual but opposition was really inferior and the weight is a growing concern for me -he must be 175 cm / 80 kg by now C-D grade if he cannot get past the weight problems he could not play at the highest level in my opinion

Decent performance by JUGADOR scoring the only goal of the game as well as 2-3 interesting efforts mostly on the break however all in all he did not produce a whole lot -just flashes-

Decent performance by JUGADOR with a nice first half and some moments in the second, maybe not "lethal" but good movement, agility and constructiveness for collective play

Decent performance on the day, very good season for him and has 1-2 interesting qualities but not the kind of potential that would improve on what we've got at the moment

Decent performance today in a Copa Libertadores fixture his side won 4x0, looked OK but not more than one to keep an eye on as apparently he's months shy of receiving an Italian passport but would not be a priority for us

Decent performance, honest, direct, intense and with good physical / athletic parameters

Did a good job particularly in the first half where his combinations with JUGADOR down the left and link up play enabled him to open the scoring -nice well taken shot past the GK after a give-and-go

Did a good job particularly in the first half where his combinations with JUGADOR1 down the left and link up play enabled him to open the scoring

Did not offer anything special or worth highlighting but did quite well overall and was EQUIPO's most solid, consistent performer on the day I thought

Did not overly impress but in the 7-8 flashes he got through the game he set himself apart from the rest technically

Did not score or assist here but had a positive contribution and looked lively, moving well and providing threat and danger

Did not stand out but looked to have some more in him and also to possess more awareness than most team-mates

Did OK for the most part although his style (very tough, full of aggression and risks) did lead to the odd significant problem

Did very well considering it was his first start at this level for EQUIPO with the team in disarray, tactically disjointing and demanding a lot from the holding midfielder as no. 10 Riquelme is back from retirement, out of fitness and forces him to run like a madman behind Riquelme

Did very well today -albeit v very poor opposition- but still get the feeling that being used as a right-sided defender he can be a bit neglected -not a big, physical lad who enjoys defending and instead a skilled, creative footballer who can offer so much more in midfield

Did well enough on the day and has a very good mentality but some downsides in his name will hold him back when it comes to bigger leagues

Did well in a high pressure a derby game

Didn't offer anything out of the ordinary though made a consistent effort, tried hard and took advantage of RIVALES's issues when ball was played in behind JUGADOR

Didn't really offer anything outstanding but was solid in fact one of very few consistent / solid performers for EQUIPO

Didn't really stand out but was one of the few XXX players to rise above a dull, mediocre first half performance.

Direct style, a bit nervous at times and not clever enough to make a pause on occasion but overall it was a valuable contribution, not sure why he was taken off on 55' as he had been one of Argentina's best players on the day

EQUIPO got hammered conceded 4 and could have been 7, really men v boys but he was the one providing some goal threat and technical ability in an uneven matchup

EQUIPO have used JUGADOR as a winger (as opposed to RB) the matchup would have been more interesting especially in terms of testing his pace

EQUIPO seemed cynical and determined to hold here from the get go and in that context he did a good job, the only 2-3 times he was caught had to do with technical / touch related individual errors

Especially if he for some reason does not join Boca Juniors after the loan expires

Even on a less-than-convincing day he was EQUIPO's most talented player by a landslide

Even though not very tidy / nice to watch once again he had a solid, efficient performance as the amount of self-confidence he currently has seems to be carrying him big time

Far from outstanding but quite consistent and efficient, making various recoveries, stuck in and distributing simply yet successfully on most occasions

Far from standing out but was XXX's most solid player in the back and one of few not melting under pressure.

Flashes of quality and savoir faire, he really pushed things was involved in 3 of the goals and scored one himself

Good interpretation of the game, used the ball well showing intelligence and maturity beyond his years, everytime I see him he resembles the likes of Cambiasso or Biglia only probably not as good

Good one for the team, positive and solid away at RIVAL only 22 but does not have the kind of potential that would make him an LFC target

Good performance and a nice one for the team combining honesty, lungs and various exploits up the right-hand side however not always delivering accurately enough when in there -seems to lack a bit of quality on the ball and cloud his judgement in the final third

Good performance today against superior opposition, has qualities and will definitely interest foreign clubs after this only I wish he made a bigger impact and took the iniciative a bit more

Good performance today reading the game without committing too early and having a picture of the field in his mind

Good performance, constructive and dedicated, technically capable but perhaps not top draw, check again in his next outing

Good positioning, ground covering and high completion rate as long as he keeps it simple, he also pressed high up and wanted to make interceptions but still needs to learn how to do that in layers and not all at once, and also to get more comfortable in his own skin

Good size and physical parameters, moved well to receive, turn and bring the FB into play I wish he had more acceleration when going for goal but he was one of the few EQUIPO players who actually tried

Good to see JUGADOR playing 90' again, and in tonight's game you could see some improvements especially in the attacking part of the game (better choice and accuracy of pass/crossing), more end product to his exploits and would have registered 2 assists had the STR's done their job better

Good work rate, quite mature for palying 2 years up and has goal threat (24 goals so far in 2014)

Good, honest display at the back despite the odd technical / coordination issue

Got substituted in the 74th minute following an intense, committed display which however is not good enough to warrant our interest

Had 3-4 moments in the first half including a fantastic assist for the opener -lovely 25 yarder with the outside of his boot

Had a bit of a loose first half with 2-3 positional errors and nervous passes but started to get his act together around the 30' mark, picked up and played a very good, solid second half

Had a decent enough match especially considering the lack of match fitness and made a very good effort in a very, very young team who came back with a point today

Had a decent game overall with participations in the 1st and 3rd goal

Had a good enough performance without many situations, and wasn't at fault for the goal (defenders gave too much space and the shot went straight to the top corner)

Had a reasonable 1H performance with 3-4 quality moves and dribbling past people witch ease which shows you he is a special footballer

Had a reasonable performance for his age and experience, maybe a bit nervous erratic for the first 10 minutes but completion rate improved gradually and he had a decent second half in general

Had a reasonable performance within his means and some clear, positive maybe half hour between 30'-60' without getting to really impact the game after that

Had a very good performance overall, with a brilliant first half and 2 goals to his name -the 2nd a thing of beauty chipping it over the GK's head

Has a bit of an unpredictable style which puzzled RIVAL 2-3 times, not perfect / ideal but I'd keep on radar as he's a December 95 birthday

He needs to have possesion which did happen in the 2nd half so his performance improved marginally then, yet without standing out or enabling EQUIPO to come out the winners here

He played decently well with good positional and composed distribution and accuracy.

Honest display despite he could not score or assist tonight

I felt XXX had a solid performance probably the best midfield player in the team

I thought he was having a decent performance (not loads of talent or brilliant but competent enough and working up and down the flank) but ended up substituted early in the 2nd half

I thought JUGADOR was EQUIPO's best defensive performer today in a difficult game to the home side as RIVALES parked the bus and just patiently waited for them to slip up and win on the break

I wish he could maintain this tempo longer and be less casual sometimes but still a notable C-B display by him today

I wish he'd engage more and be more physical, also more dynamism and work off the ball however he totally made the difference whenever he liked to

Indeed JUGADOR operates in more central areas (C/MF, AMF) with his club side, but today he made a decent effort against 2 difficult opponents wide and won more than he lost

Interesting performance both attacking vulnerable space and dropping deep and to the left which made him EQUIPO`s best and most dangerous player on the day

Interesting player with a positive performance on the day (unlike the past 3 or 4)

It was not a stellar performance but you could see some quality and intensity

JUGADOR comes from 2nd division club,(CLUB DE 2DA) and seems to be making the grade just fine, conceptually he is a nice little player and might kick on

JUGADOR is a threat and moved naturally / instinctively today but I wish his overall contribution had been better and more consistent, also he is not growing at all size wise and that is a concern

JUGADOR was one of the standouts today

Looked quite sharp from the start and contributed positively for the first goal, showed good lungs and energy even if not very big or athletic and technically he was quite sound

Made an effort and played a role in salvaging a point here putting the ball in the box for the PK to be called

Main drawback for me is size, he worked his socks off and pulled it off today as EQUIPO RIVAL usually play ball on the ground and didn't confront him, but against more physical opposition (or probably any EPL side) it would not be easy

Man of the Match today

Nice performance by JUGADOR a kid who's a real talent with a brilliant Academy record who was somewhat stagnating of late due to problems with his development and the transition to full size pitches

No doubt about his talents, he was effective today and looks fitter but we need to follow up during his transition to first team as still quite behind at 18 years old

Noone in the EQUIPO side was truly impressive but JUGADOR was one of the few to do alright and contribute as they cut the 0x2 deficit to a draw here

Not a great performance but had some moments and looked determined and resourceful even if these are his first few appearances as a senior footballer

Not fantastic but quite positive at times and with moments of sheer quality and inspiration

Not great defensively but worked hard and attempted to make the one carrying the ball uncomfortable, so overall not spectacular but has 1-2 interesting things and one of very few -if any- EQUIPO players to escape criticism today

Not perfect but only 18 and made the difference with some very talented, natural moves that led to 2 goals and a valuable away win, definitely one for us to look

Not spectacular but better than in recent showings, he seems to be finding back his self-confidence and today you could see 4-5 positive gestures

Not the best endowed (short, probably 2-3 kg in excess, runs all hunched) but quite positive and inspired today, scoring the first 2 goals and deservedly earning MoM

Not the sharpest / most accurate performance by DELANTERO but still fought hard, pressed and ended up generating 4 of EQUIPO's clearest-cut opportunities

Not very active or tidy today but once again made the difference for EQUIPO.

Not very technical or elegant but went about well, pressed and won challenges however often went too far, got booked and could have been sent off

Nothing extreme or worthy of a top grade but once again made an effort and was one of few EQUIPO players not leaving to be desired tonight -one of very few to actually "show up"

Nothing of note really here -competed well and had good moments of timing and positioning

Nothing special or extreme about JUGADOR but did an honest job, read things well and was efficient with his passing the time he was on

Nothing spectacular but quite an improvement over some 2014 performances I have to say, he looks a tad more agile and svelte too

Oddly (PLAYER) was particularly sharp and positive getting forward today and struggled while tracking back or getting his distances

One of 2 interchanging FWD's behind the CFWD

One of the few, if any, to be spared from criticism in an otherwise mediocre XXX team

One of very few EQUIPO players to escape from criticism tonight -maybe not the sharpest / most accurate but a real handful nonetheless, taking people on, pressing, going 1v1 and winning the majority even if delivery could then be less than perfect

One or two moments of sheer quality

Only flashes of quality but quite promising for his debut in a new environment (joins San Lorenzo from lower div club, Tiro Federal) and scored the only goal of the day even if it wasn't a great one

Only on 30' but was bright right from the start and produced more than JUGADORQSALE had the previous hour

Overall (JUGADOR) was one of few (EQUIPO) players spared from criticism today but didn't convert his chances

Overall and OK performance by an intense, dedicated (yet not very special) footballer whose distinct ability is his versatility enabling him to be used at DMF, RB and wide right like today

Overall I felt he did marginally better than in some recent showings

Perhaps not an ideal role as JUGADOR is, essentially, a more central player (sth like Xavi + Mascherano characteristics wise) but he held his own playing wide and even managed to get on the scoresheet

Quite an interesting performance especially in the 1H (unplayable almost every time he went 1v1) but fading towards the 2H

Quite bright at first (shot at goal after 10''!) showing great pace and directness though not finding real aid in COMPA1 or COMPA2, who were slowing him down

Ran for fun today with mixed results still able to make recoveries, get others involved and catch the poor RIVALES left side tandem on the break

Reasonable display by XXX looking the better of the XXX defenders

Reasonable performance for JUGADOR in general, although you could see 2 distinct JUGADORS also -very dangerous and positive in the 1H, less participative or accurate in the 2H as RIVALES fought back to get the edge

Reasonable performance, looked alert and intense and in fact responded better than captain, JUGADOR CAP the few times RIVAL managed to create open chances

Second time I've seen JUGADOR and he definitely looks interesting even if he could / should work a little harder

Showed a big leap in quality

Some clever touches and a decent overall effort until the steam ran out

Sorprised that XXX didn't starts actually.

Started game really brightly

Still he generated / proposed quite a bit and was the team's most positive performer tonight in an awful 0x0 draw

Still not back at his peak but "getting there"

Surprisingly good performance especially considering he operated at LB (being a centre half)

Techniclaly very good, was a nightmare for XXX in the first half then faded a bit until his substitution

The games best player for me

The only interesting player for the home side for me

The visitors were struggling until he started taking people on and getting them out of their own third, then he comes up with an excellent solo effort out of the blue and blasts a thunderbolt to the top corner

This is not really JUGADOR's natural position and I was surprised to see him operating so deep considering he is more of a ball carrying, ball passing footballer than a destructive one -did it for his lungs I guess and taking into account that there would be little pressure with lowly EQUIPO RIVAL trying to salvage a point here

Thought he did OK and got better especially in the 2H when EQUIPO were trailing and he needed to create numerical superiority to prevail in midfield and get RIVALES under siege

Thought he did very well in the 1H, looks like he got tired and gradually lost momentum which led to him making less of an impact as the game went on and egtting substituted with 20' to go

Tiny but with good movement, eagerness and dynamism and with the scoreline at 2x0 he knew how to time his runs to maximise the damage

Two distinct facets to LATERAL's display -quite dangerous when getting forward, impacted the game with his sensitive left foot but at the same time clumsy in defensive situations and struggled to contain the VOL OFEN/ WING tandem

Two sides to JUGADOR's game I guess -quiet day at the office defensively speaking, and very much involved, dynamic, available in attacking terms

Unofrtunate day for Kevin who was doing decent until someone stepped on his toe and had him limp off on 25' -he had shown 2-3 interesting things playing opponents up to 3 years older and was EQUIPO's best player until then

Very bright and influential today, actually the single best performance by JUGADOR I've seen all year -would have got MoM had he not got a knock and been forced to sub off in the 61st minute

Very good performance for about an hour, technically not perfect but considerable improvements over recent showings and has something about him

Very lively 45 minute performance

Was one of the few EQUIPO to have done well today, maybe not standing out but with commitment, understanding, work rate and positivity to most of his efforts

Was simple but consistent, dispossessed 3-4 times and almost never did he lose reference with his distances which was a problem before

Was tough, tenacious and cleared well even making up for XXX's mistakes on occasion, and he was quite vocal and assertive for his age

Was up against EQUIPORIVAL's best player -MEJOR RIVAL- and in general terms won more than he lost

Wasn't on target today but did produce quite a bit, including 2 chances, another 2 half chances

Wasn't perfect but one of the few EQUIPO players that showed up today, especially under the circumstances (deciding match away and totally under pressure from start to finish) and considering his age and lack of experience

We know JUGADOR very well from his Academy / reserves years, he seems to be getting better every week and got MoM here

While starting in a very, very tough fixture against the biggest opponent / most bitter rival

Will not be too harsh as only 17 and starting at a very difficult game v much more experienced opposition

XXX's most consistent performer on the day, nothing spectacular but excellent attitude and work rate, good mobility covering a decent amount of ground and did a very good job keeping (EQUIPO RIVAL)'s star (ESTRELLA RIVAL) well at bay

You could see him command against younger opposition as he understood the game better -he's part of the first team since (FECHA) and already got his pro debut on (FECHA) v (RIVAL DEL DEBUT) in a friendly

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

A bit more of the same with JUGADOR I guess, since he does have potential and a few exciting attributes (e.g. pace, change of direction, commitment) yet generally lacking in accuracy and just general quality to interest us

After that JUGADOR went quiet for a while before getting changed on 75' or so

Also SUEQUIPO went 1x0 ahead early on, after 5 minutes and instead of goign for the kill off they put the lines way behind and way deep, started to look nervous and ultimately enabled RIVALES to go level

Another game where JUGADOR flattered to deceive and delivered less than he is capable of, he was consequently substituted on 75'

Average size but good upper body and withstood contact well, beat his man for pace twice but on both occasions he lost focus and delivered wrong, and I felt he could have had a clear-cut chance had he chosen to go for goal instead of choosing wide to try and cross it

Bit nervous the time he was on and enabled RIVALES's no. XX and no. XX to create a bit of chaos around him

Came on 20 minutes into the second half and could not make a sustained impact unlike his recent showings which had been promising

Came on as a sub and didn't have to give us his best version/show as game was already at hand and he was deployed slightly behind his usual role -a bit far from the opposing box

Came on as a sub and had 3-4 interesting moves proving to be a good technician with an elegant, fine left foot however he did not impact the game enough (affair had been settled already in the first half) and in the end all he offered was flair and creativity in flashes

Came on as a sub without much on the clock and also the system/formation meant he had to look at the opposing winger a lot and make sure Godoy Cruz did not go level (which they did in the end)

Came on at half time and offered a lot more than his predecessor with good movement, decent touch and creativity yet not very assured or powerful when approaching the opposing box

Came on in the 75th minute and almost did not come into play at all

Came on in the dying stages of the game and does net get a grade today

Came on in the XXth and is to be acknowledged for the game-winning goal (from a XXX cross) however his input the time he was on wasn't really out of the ordinary

Came on late in the game and you could see he doesn't enjoy his current standing at the club, is not really takine people on or looking as fresh as before -gaffer doesn't use him and to be frank is not a real admirer of young kids from their own ranks

Can't say he made an impression as he was alarmingly nervous and inaccurate with his finishing tonight

Combined defensive and attacking obligations but was inconsistent in both aspects somehow

Contrary to what one would think JUGADOR didn't have a sustained, consistent performance today in fact he was wasteful at times -the thing is he was really on fire for about 20' (approx 27' to 47th) where he totally made the difference

Could not live up to expectation

Decent performance without standing out

Depsite the goal not positive signals I'm afraid as Lanzini (once the best 1993-born in the country) is failing to live up to his name and stabilise as a solid first team performer

Despite his mentality not a good day for him -failed again both in attacking and defensive terms and looked out of sorts on occasion

Did acceptably for EQUIPO against superior opposition but there isn't much in him to suggest he'd warrant interest. Willl soon turn 23

Did an honest job up and down the riht-hand side but without providing anything special or showing any outstanding attributes

Did not do much despite his efforts and mobility which he displayed for most of the duration

Did not enjoy the best of performances today as constantly on check and thus refraining himself for getting forward and overlapping which he does to a good degree in the Ecuadorian league

Did OK in general without standing out but was then substituted at HT as the coach wantes everyone to be involved

Did quite well in the first half then faded a bit and failed to read the game (ie channels) in certain counter-attacking situations

Disappointing overall

Disappointing performance on the day, naive and never in control, offered little in attacking terms and overall did not look a player for us

Disappointing performance -started really brightly with a nice drive and scoring the opener after only 45 seconds, with a header even (!) But other than 3-4 other sequences in the first half where he showed his class and flair he disappeared afterwards

End product decreased notably as he ended up getting late to tackles, looking nervous and being very cautious for the most part of the game

EQUIPO were worringly conservative / defensive today so despite a few good touches and solutions in tigth spaces he didn't have a partner with whom interact and progress up the field

Erratic in the first half, has great ability but decision making was a bit strange today as forced and over-elaborated at times, did better overall in the 2nd half but still failed to impress as to give him a better grade

Faded badly after the 40th minute or so

Failed to impress today and, even facing harmless opposition, he looked insecure and vulnerable -the weakest link in the EQUIPO defence

Far less solid and comfortable than in the past 2-3 showings, tonight he was quite dangerous, poor timing, insensible / excessive running without much clarity and pass completion rate was poor overal

Flattered to deceive starting brightly and energetic and going on to lose the plot

Good first half for him but overall quite short of what we'd require

Good positive contribution covering a lot of ground and aiding his team-mates, but not really dangerous in the final third as -precisely- he was instructed to work up and down the flank and get real deep which neglected his own attacking abilities

Got a little better in the second half but still far from making a positive impression on me

Got better in the 2nd half and still had 2-3 bright moments but too little for me and not solid enough

Got subsequently taken off but I would have subbed him off much earlier

Had 2 shots on goal plus a FK saved by the GK but then started to move less and less, to offer less and make himself available less which led to a timid, unconvincing 2nd half display

Had a bit of an erratic game today but he still made an effort

Had a landslide in behind the RB to take advantage of but wasn't very clever with his movement or careful with his passing, which leds to quite a wasteful performance today

Had a poor performance by his standards and considering the interesting first few displays in EQUIPO's first team in recent weeks

Had a real off day

Had an OK performance without really standing out as his contribution, albeit distinct and classy, lacked consistency and were few and far between

Had some moments although not a lot of clarity, and so for all of his desire, work rate and directness one could be a bit underwhelmed about the end product

Had some moments especially driving down the right hand side when there was still a deadlock, perhaps not as effective when the RIVAL goal took place as it seemed to take a toll on him -something natural in a 18 year old performing at this level

Has qualities but had a bit of a mixed / inconsistent performance today

He is a high potential player but looked somewhat nervous and sloppy today in a derby at RIVAL

He is the youngest member of the EQUIPO back 4 but did not impress me as their best and at nearly 22 you need to achieve a certain order and a certain view of the pitch / anticipation of danger etc which was not the case today for me

He was excellent in some previous showings today he was adequate with a few fine gestures combining awareness, determination, timing and technical ability but those moments were not very frequent

He was often on the edge of the game and he made very little impact

He was perhaps too close to the touchline for my liking (he can play AMF or even start on the right cutting in with his left), getting a lot of contacts, finding spots but never quite receiving in comfortable positions

He's real class, has some very interesting attributes but not really rated among the best here as OTRO JUGADOR SIN CONSISTENCIA has a problem with consistency and he can go from making a real impact to gone missing, quite frequently over a season

Honest performance wanted to get stuck in but looked naive on occasion and positionally there were moments where he'd look unreliable and somewhat slow to adjust

Honest yet limited, ordinary display by XXX today

Honest, aggressive display however quite shaky in his marking and suspect while in possession

Honest, determined performance yet not the most solid one and he was perhaps the EQUIPO player with the most loose balls and poor controls of the day

I had seen JUGADOR do much better than this, in fact he looked somwehat slow to react and badly prepared, and was lucky to escape the red card here as there were 2 tackels from behind and with poor timing

I thought 2 distinct facets to JUGADOR's performance today. On the one hand did quite well defensively seeing things early and reacting even if this meant just reaching out to send the ball out of bounds, no real intercepting or dispossessing there

Inconsistent and the more touches he got, the less effective he became I can't see him as a playmaker but more off the CFWD

Joined (EQUIPO) on loan from (EQUIPO PRESTADOR) with the objective of getting him some playing time and increase his market value but that is not quite working out

JUGADOR had a really patchy display where he struggled to take the initiative and remained idle for significant periods instead of making himself available

JUGADOR is a player we like, no doubt he's got qualities but this was not an easy game to give him a grade -got himself sent off after 23 minutes for retaliating!

JUGADOR is a player with some very interesting tools and attributes and was a big prospect maybe 2 years ago but since then his development has been a bit on/off and you still cannot see him imposing himself or maturing as a footballer

JUGADOR is highly thought of at EQUIPO and in PAIS in general, he did perform consistently, intensely and in a disciplined manner today however under certain limitations

JUGADOR is regarded as the best 2000 born in Uruguay and should be seen up there more often, show much urgency and take the initiative more

JUGADOR this is not a position / role that he particularly enjoys as he's forced to move a lot, get plenty of contacts and still be far from the box

Just bits and pieces today, good dribbling and got past but delivery was a bit mechanical and also I wish he had been more direct, tried to go for go more

Less convincing than in recent matches where he's been more influential and successful in front of goal -today he had one clear cut opportunity plus 2 half chances and failed to convert them as well as looking nervous

Looked carried away and tactically all over the place at times, ball was given away and he got booked for accumulating fouls

Maintained concentration and timed his runs well although I'd have liked a bit more passion and energy in his display

Medium size strong, has already filled out and is competitive, with enough aggression even if dispossessed sometimes for proetcting ball poorly

Migrated to Spain early on, first to Rayo Vallecano and I'm told he's doing well at Atlético de Madrid but, though honest and aggressive, he did not look very special to me

Mixed display by JUDAOR, a potential B player I guess with a somewhat "disinterested" performance which started great and then flattered to deceive

Mixed display by JUGADOR actually more positive gettin forward than defending, looked somewhat "behind" the rest tactically and got a rather silly booking before substituted on 60'

Mixed display tonight with some bright moments followed by some other erratic ones where he looked a bit out of shape and lacking in confidence

Mixed thoughts about JUGADOR -no doubt he is special and completely different from the rest, having said that he looked stubborn and ultimately negative for the most part today honestly I was expecting a bit more as he's so highly thought of

Moments of real quality followed by long periods drifting out and on the edge of the game

Nervous, erratic and lacking in self confidence he beat his man on 2-3 occasions but could not get away or execute well after that, delivery in particular was very poor

No grade as he came on just 10' from the end

No pressure here as EQUIPO used a group up to 3 years older than the opposition and so it was Men v Boys in many ways

Not as influential as in previous matches, had 5-6 sequences in which you clearly saw he is "different" as in unique, but this was in the 1H and lacking on consistency or dedication which led to him fading especially after RIVALES conceded the first

Not developing very well and considering the new manager's known disregard of young homegrown players I'd worry about the next match if I were Ademilson

Not quite at home in this setup as he was too far from the real action in the box I thought

Not the fastest or most coordinated, some people at the club do dub him ¨APODO DE JUGADOR¨ but that is not realistic at all

Not the greatest performance to be honest, though with some mitigating factors

Not the most consistent of displays nor did he look fully committed as this was all too easy for him -best player here by quite some distance

Not the most consistent or the sharpest (he's coming back from injury following a fracture) but still made a big impact, especially in the 1H -2H he had a bit less energy and clarity to his actions missing a few passes and making less of a contribution

Not the most convincing display by JUGADOR -had been doing much better than this recently but he started quite poorly and confused today

Not the most glamourous or eye-catching performance but quite reasonable especially in the context he came on. Good performance on the day but esence wise and attrbute by attribute JUGADOR seems to fall a bit short of what we'd require

Not very gifted to be honest

Not very impressed with him to be honest, didn't look top or the kind of kid who'd start for an Argentina youth side

Not very impressed with XXX from the get go but he started messing with his distances and his timing and had a really poor 2nd half in particular

Nothing of note here, did not make himself available enough no sparkle anywhere and that natural ability he's got to beat a man and create a chance out of nothing was nowhere to be seen

Nothing short of awful today, rushing things, hesitating and looking naive and somewhat stubborn when he had decided on the route to take

On the edge for rather singnifican segments of the game

Once again dangerous and exciting to watch but very, very inconsistent and struggling to impact the game

Once again flashes of quality and threat, especially early in the second half but overall not a consistent, determined enough performance and he is indeed prone to drift away and take long naps during games

Once again he started brightly and ended flattering to daceive getting substituted once more

Once again poor, disinterested and quite complacent for my liking

Once again struggled as if the tempo of the senior/1st div environment were too much for him

Once again unconvincing, sloppy performance by JUGADOR who fought hard but still never filled me with confidence and caught out on several occasions

Only a few interesting touches, good attitude in general and looks like yhere's more to come both physically and in terms of honing his skills but had less of the ball tonight and played a lesser part than he had in the previous game

Only flashes of quality here, never quite settled into the game in order to dictate the game and though highly mobile he did not enjoy / feel at his best operating on the side

Only flashes of quality, with long periods drifting out and failing to make play or take the initiative

Over complicated as game progressed

Overall could have done more and been more positive, more constructive and collective on the day

Played with aggression but short of what we require in general and particularly poor in the attacking part of his game

Positive on the day but lacking in quality and against terrible opposition

Preceded of a great reputation but he's struggling for consistency at this point, I would appreciate a bit more commitment and more running to be honest and that is why he remains a sub here

Quite disappointing to be honest -JUGADOR is regarded as one of the top prospects in Uruguayan football but showed very little today, if anything at all and looked not to be developing so well

Quite poor, nervy throughout with good intentions yet several mistakes including a serious one that led to the second goal

Really struggled today looking nervous

Reasonably positive even if he could not deliver a consistent, sustained 90`contribution

Remains somewhat weak and easy to dispossess, not very committed today and looked frustrated with his full backs not overlapping enough

Replaced after 72' of a less than convincing performance with just 4-5 specific sequences to show for

RIVALES got to penetrate quite a bit even if JUGADOR had 4 fellow defenders in the box

Seeing him you got the feeling that he was a good player however flattered to deceive a bit towards the end

Set up EQUIPO's only goal and once again offered some good technical gestures but without imposing himself or delivering a consistent end product -went with the flow towards the end as had the whole team

Started bright and incisive but lost importance and effectiveness as the match went on, resorting to the solo effort more and more instead of connecting with Goslin or trying to progress in a collective manner -was often dispossessed for keeping the ball too long

Started bright and incisive but soon enough lost momentum and accuracy with his passing / delivery -thought he was lucky that RIVAL (usually a very dangerous little player) didn't have the best of days otherwise he could have been caught out more

Started bright but then incurred in tactical problems that led to a clear-cut XXX TEAM opportunity

Started brightly but soon enough he faded and had problems taking the initiative (i.e. lots of chasing and little dictating)

Started very brightly but faded gradually

Started very quiet and not moving or making himself available enough

Striking resemblance to JUGADORALQSEPARECE (a real lookey-like!) but that's about where all similarities end

Struggled for periods especially from 10' to 50' or so as (EQUIPO DE JUGADOR) wanted to ease the pressure with right/left full back

Surprisingly poor, erratic performance by XXX today probably suffering from the change to a big club and also to a new system where he won't be having a landslide to run into on the break, and instead more possession and less space available

Talented player with a good right foot on him, clever moves and a decent pass however he also had certain patches and concentration issues with somewhat diminished his numbers

Team captain, intense, purposeful even but end product was zero

There were moments where he'd stand out followed by others where he'd drift out, could not dictate consistently but provided some degree of goal threat on his own

This must have been the worst single performance in JUGADOR's pro career

Though not very exciting to watch XXX is an interesting player with good mentality and work rate, and a dangerous left foot which he uses mostly solo -unfortunately- as opposed to linking play and doing it collectively

To be honest regardless of JUGADOR's past in the NACION underage NT's I've never been a fan and do not think his positive personality and desire will take him really far or conceal the difficulties he's got and shown today

Today's was a less-than-convincing display and he needs to improve technically not to stagnate -he was outstanding last year but there are some aspects of his game not showing any kind of improvement

Uncharacteristically poor display

Unconvincing display by XXX

Unconvincing display by XXX tonight

Unconvincing display, struggled with XXX all day and looked vulnerable

Unconvincing display, with just flashes of what he is capable of. This time JUGADOR played in the position he tends to prefer (not by the touchline but in a bit of a Gareth Barry-like capacity) but he started awfully poor, unconcentrated, slow to react and missing various passes which is perhaps his most distinct ability as a player

Unconvincing performance, I appreciate he is 19, playing one of the best clubs in Brazil while being threatened by relegation but honestly he looked highly vulnerable today

Unfortunately faded a bit in second half but that wasn't entirely his fault as the game in general deteriorated

Very few sprints, not enough work for the time overall a complacent display before being changed.

Very natural, gifted and has good close control though nervous at times and missed a golden opportunity for rushing things

Very small but filled out and competitive enough, technically he is more than adequate with a creative approach and some flair but wasn't lethal today and he got a knock which bothered him for a few minutes and ended up taking him off on 62 minutes

Was a bit passive tonight, less energy than his usual self and his frist positive play only came after 36'

Was anonymous

Was perhaps the least convincing EQUIPO defensive player on the day, not averse to a challenge and looking to play on the front foot but looking very nervous on occasion and compromising the playing out the back

Was quiet

Was quite erratic and lacking in intelligence or timing to his runs, this match was a bit of a weird one with both sides getting a lot of chances and making numerous mistakes, however despite having a whole landslide in behind the JUGADOR LB he rarely exploited it efficiently

Was uncharacteristically poor today with 2 half chances to show for

We know JUGADOR well, he is on loan here from EQUIPOPRESTAMISTA and struggling to establish himself let alone ever interest us

Went from sharp and unpredictable to casual and not really focused

While he had some bright moments in the 1H JUGADOR faded quite a bit in the 2H after a knock and was particularly wasteful for the last 30' or so

Years ago JUGADOR looked like a real prospect with potential to achieve great things however he'd gone downhill and totally stagnated due to off-field issues, he's only an "impact sub" here for the moment but would like to keep an eye on him should JUGADOR finally put his career back on track

you can tell not playing (trials in Europe) haven't helped in terms of his developmen

[ + / - ] B Size & Shape

Acceptable size and there's more to come

Average height

Average height but very powerful built borderline heavyset

Average height but well built, borderline stocky and would not be intimidated

Average size and shape

Average size but looks much bigger than just 5'5'' (5'7'' minimum) and has a good engine on him

Average size not the most athletic or powerful looking

Average size not the most athletic shape

Average size strong runner type

Average size strong runner type competed well and didn't look intimidated

Average size, slim build at this point but looks like there's more to come and he has gained some weight / filled out a bit since his promotion to the first team

Big, lanky POSICION with touches of class and finesse but bit one paced for me and never quite took the initiative

Decent size and shape

Diminutive body

Good size and OK shape but a little bit heavy with an uncoordinated technique, strong runner without much pace or agility

Good size and shape athletic, fast (not electric but fast enough)

Good size and shape but still a bit "boney" needing to beef up and add some muscles

Good size body

Great size and body

Great size but a bit heavy and only does well for the first few yards after that it looks like he's got bit of weight to carry

Has a good size lean build and more to come

He looked a fairly nice size and shape and covered the ground well, so athletically he looked interesting

Heavyset, medium size stocky build but did impact the game when in possession and does have an interesting left foot on him

Height is decent but no muscular development and at 23 he's yet to fill out properly


Leggy body

Looked a bit thinner and more athletic

Looks 2-3 kilos heavier

Looks athletic

Looks very slim, slight even

Lovely size and shape, athletic and strong

Medium height but wish he filled up more as already 23 years of age and not fully developed

Medium shape, athletic without being towering or a gazelle but did his job alright and generally used his body well

Medium size and shape

Medium size no pushover and competitive but lacked dynamism and pace

Medium size strong build

Miniature body

Minuscule body

Nice little player with a tidy style not the most dynamic

Nice physical specimen

Nice profile, lovely shape and elegant stance (i.e. Javier Pastore)

Nice shape at 6'1', very good structure and a Zidane-esque style of stance and running technique

Nice size but still quite skinny and needs to get broader and with better balance

On the smaller side but powerful and brave with an excellent attitude

On the smaller side but quite powerful, stocky build with an excellent attitude

Physically just OK, average size and still very thin, needs quite a bit of work but has great mentality which anabled him to make a big contribution until the 80th minute when, completely knacker, he got substituted

Physically quite big and powerful

Skinny build

Slight build but brave and active

Small body

Small in size but all heart

Small in size but quite energetic

Small size and shape

Small size not the most athletic, was competitive and a fierce marker

Small size, OK shape but not the most athletic (there are rumours about his lifestyle, alcohol etc)

Still average physically but seems to have gained a pound or two and improved (though marginally) in muscular terms

Stocky Build

Tinny body

Typical northern shape (i.e. Roberto Pereyra, Cristian Maidana, etc)

Unfortunately in my eyes JUGADOR keeps putting on weight (not just carrying but actually gaining it) and I saw him probably heavier than a couple of months ago

Very good size (6'2'') athletic shape but "leggy" and not the most agile / coordinated

Very good size and bone structure but more to come

Very good size nice lean shape but it's a CB's shape not a full back's

Very small in stature, physically competitive and not easy to dispossess but would struggle in Europe let alone the EPL

With a somewhat elegant stance

[ + / - ] C Physical

Average size (though taller than the 5'8'' listed by S7) strong runner type with good lungs and desire

Average size and more positioning / timing based than physical

Average size but quite strong, broad and competitive and was the only EQUIPO player with success in challenges

Average size I'd say 5'7'' but quite strong and used his body well to not be dispossessed

Average size not the most athletic but withstood contact well and was competitive against 3 RIVALES holding midfielders

Average size not the tallest lean shape but has some power and explisiveness to him, and he used that repeatedly to exploit the space in behind LAT RIVAL

Average size, 172 cm or so and knowing his parents still a bit more to come I would imagine 176-177 cm, moved well and had agility and certain pace but not blistering to really get away

Average size, lean build but moved well and seems to have good balance and a certain elegance ("good footballer") to him

Average size, nice lean type athletic and fast and there's more to come

Average size, not the most athletic in fact he does not quite possess your typical "footballer's physique" but still got about well, made interceptions and distributed neatly enough

Average size, strong runner type not the most agile of builds but quite energetic and displayed good lungs and directness when some vulnerable spots were found

Blistering pace over first few meters

Boy does he have pace, directness and desire

Decent sprint, powerful and quick

Displayed a decent engine

Displayed a decent natural fitness

Displayed a good natural fitness

Displayed good energy

Displayed good leaping

Displayed good presence in the post

Gets away over first few meters

Good energetic engine and showed good stamina levels throughout the 90'

Good engine in an average size player

Good pace over shorter distances not so great when forced to choose whether to go for it or to stay

Good size and shape, athletic and has pace though not blistering

Good size lean shape looks like there's a bit more to come

Good size, not huge but 182 cm or so and has a presence

Good size, will have a nice shape but still lacks a bit of muscles / explosiveness and can seem a tad one-paced at the moment

Good work rate and mobility seemed to have good lungs and tracked back well (not much defensive aid from JUGADOR1) and did not tire much as the game progressed

Has a decent leaping

Has an extra one in the shifter

He did things at one pace and struggled to get away in an explosive, penetrating way

He is quick and mobile and moves smoothly over longer distances

JUGADOR was the type to bounce you off (very strong, powerful)

Looked a bit thinner and more athletic

Looked mobile with ok pace

Looks a bit heavy but was quite co-ordinated throughout

Looks like he's grown quite a bit recently (will be 6'4'' if he continues at this rate!) and still muscularly adjusting to those changes

Lovely specimen from a physical standpoint, tall lean spreading the legs very well and covering ground however not the most coordinated

Medium size a bit stocky and has a thunderbolt in his left foot

Medium size but is fully developed (can't be born in 1999?!), filled out and quite hard to dispossess

Medium size but quite athletic with a good engine and wants to get to the bottom of things

Medium size not huge but quite fast and athletic

Medium size not the most athletic shape but is your typical white Brazilian "warrior" in the mould of Scheidt, Alex, Henrique

Medium size, good energy levels but could do with a couple more inches and more pace

Medium size, lean build doesn't look very powerful but made up for that with passion and good lungs

Medium size, looks athletic and strong but had some problems with RIVAL's change of pace and I suspect would be turned by better opposition than this

Medium size, not a gazelle but moved OK and has a certain athleticism and balance

More mobile than quick but is quick enough

Nice physical specimen wiht a combination of power and pace

Nice physical specimen, not massive but 6'1'' already and with a bit more to come, was fast and agile and his athleticism is perhaps the highest amongst the 22 players this morning

Nice size and shape, needs to fill out but has a good structure and a bit of an elegant style to him

Not a great physique but appeared to have a good engine, competitive and took advantage of various mistakes and balls astrays to then distribute simply yet efficiently

Not afraid and stronger than his physique suggests

Not massive but good lungs and desire and made himself available

Not outstanding but imposed his presence

Not the fastest but was quite quick when he got to his stride, and technically he was always a threat

Not the tallest but quite well built and no pushover, actually getting the upper hand v RIVAL who is 4 inches taller and in theory way more powerfull

Notably fast footballer

Offers a physical presence

On the smaller side but very good powerful legs, real quick which put him in front of the GK twice but he failed to make the right call on both occasions

Only 15 years old but looks much more developed, filled out

Physically average -somewhat small for the position at 5'8'', not the most imposing but displayed good energy and lungs and with his awareness and IQ ran mostly in the right direction

Physically JUGADOR remains small and not very developed but showed good energy and endurance and did not suffer v a tough, aggressive Colombian back line -in fact he won most than he lost against no. 16

Physically mobile and agile, not a flyer but he sees things early and always tries ambitious, direct, dangerous things

Showed a good engine

Showed an amazing engine

Showed an amazing leaping

Small in stature but well built and competitive, no problems v bigger and stronger players and knows a trick or two including driving the referee crazy and pushing the opposition's buttons

Smallish but strong, intense, high ratio when challenging and today distribution wasn't too bad either even though he's not silky precise

Still a bit chubby but is slimming down a bit

Still catching his match fitness along with his self confidence.

Strong runner

Strong upper body

Very good height although still needs filling out and did not always win the physical battle

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

Average size not the most athletic but displayed good lungs, decent technical abilities and could beat a man even if he didn't have enough to get away after that

Average size, athletic enough but did not look to possess a great engine and the problems started when he reached the final third

Average size, decent shape not weak but lacked that extra one in the shifter or any outstanding capabilities

Average size, lean build structure is OK but needs to fill out more and add some explosiveness to his game, also to get up better to stop crosses

Average size, there is more to come though not a lot and you don't see him making it to 6'2''-6'3'' -6'0 more like it and not very imposing

Bit raw and disorganised, I felt he started driving like a madman only to tired very quickly and needed 3-4' to catch his breathe and go back to pressing

Body position poor on occasions - Closes his body off and unaware of movement off of him

But he does not have real power, super pace or the ability to impose himself

Does not seem great from a physical point of view

Doesn't get his feet moving quickly enough

Doesn't offer a real physical presence

Good mentality, desire and movement but all quite uncoordinated and one-paced

Good size athletic shape with a certain physical potential yet not the most coordinated or the one with the most acceleration

Good size, athletic shape quite athletic and decent strength but didn't seem to have that burst of pace

Good size. Lean build. Mobile with an initial burst but doesn't possess top pace over longer distance

Has great hight and long legs but did not quite impose his presence and I felt hed slow down their build out the back sometimes

Height is good but he remains thin and undeveloped and would be muscled off in a league so demanding and intense as the EPL

I know JUGADOR well and he's got potential but would have to be more cynical at the back and improve physically / grow a few inches if he wants to translate that into pro

Is played a good engine without really getting away though pace

Lacking physically to play at this level

Lacks acceleration (strong runner type)

Lacks pace and struggles with movement around his body

Lacks strength

Looks awkward at times

Looks uncomfortable with movement around his body

Looks weak

Main problem for me is he is not very athletic, runs funny and pace is an issue -nothing over long distances

Medium size and shape will get better (comes from an academy with poor coaching and internal competition levels), if he works on his fitness he'll still be a handful but if not he will have to work very hard on perfecting his technique, applying structure to his movement, improving his touch -he is all desire and instincts

Medium size but a bit heavy for me, relying a lot on his presence and self-belief for challenges which didn't help him today

Medium size has a good mobile style but without explosiveness or much acceleration, also while he got to the final third he looked nervous and lacking in intelligence to do elaborate things

Medium size nice lean frame but needs to fill out more and also to add some more power and acceleration to his game

Medium size OK shape but a bit on the heavy side and had trouble getting away

Medium size strong runner type (Downing) with a powerful left foot that unfortunately wasn't a factor today

Medium size, a bit heavy for me 2-3 times did RIVAL exposed him on the turn

Medium size, athletic enough but without real pace, leap is good but was naive in using his body at times and still not coordinated enough

Medium size, athletic shape but needed a bit of recovery between challenges and sprints

Medium size, not very strong but mobile and fast enough, the problem is RIVALRAPIDO`s pace and changes of direction exposed him on more than one occasion

Mobile but lacks real pace to run away. Didn't impact game enough

Moved well without being overly quick

Not a great physical specimen but displayed good energy and a decent engine even without really getting away

Not as chubby as before

Not quick enough

Not the best endowed (short, probably 2-3 kg in excess, runs all hunched)

Not too quick

Pace acceptable but nothing outstanding and it allowed no.XX RIVAL to catch up for a key clearance

Pace is OK not top and lacked explosiveness when reaching the final yards

Pace just OK short legs and did struggle to get away

Physically not bad, size is reasonable combined with certain agility and endurance but perhaps not a big engine or real explosiveness

Real height is 5'10'' not 6'0'' and while there's more to come he is just not a physical player and looking quite weak he'd refrain himself from penetrating and muscling his way inside

Seems to have developed a bit physically and is not as weak as before but still his skilful

Shows short bursts of acceleration but I am not convinced he can get away from his marker

Strong runner type, good movement and energy in general but delivery mixed and quite easy to read, I'd say even predictable / boring

Strong runner with a committed style but no blistering pace

Unathletic, might carry a bit of weight and not very dynamic style wise

Very good size and shape, athletic, strong and able to cover ground although not always timing runs well or choosing the right angles

[ + / - ] D Mentality & Attitude

A bit shy in some situations and the coach did tell him to speak more and to express himself as he is aware of JUGADOR's potential

Came on in the 67th minute and saw quite a bit of the ball with the team trailing and fighting hard to go level

Competed well and was one of few XXX players to actually press and force loose balls

Crazy intense as always

Defensively speaking he did a good, responsible job and made 5+ recoveries plus looked more physical and fitter than his opponents, I wish he hadn't felt the game was over at 3x1 because he then started to maybe not push himself enough as the game was in hand

Despite trailing 3-0 he fought to the end. Admirable heart.

Did not show any particular standout qualities but made a good effort in general and defensively responded well against 1 and even 2 opposing players in a committed, energetic way

Disciplined player

Displayed a lot of confidence in himself

Displayed a very good attitude for a player so young.

Displayed an excellent football brain for a player so young

Displayed good energy and lungs and with his awareness and IQ ran mostly in the right direction

Displayed self-confidence

Do-or-die type of game

Excellent attitude and intensity but gets carried away and over-accelerated at times

Excellent football brain

Good effort tracking back although not always perfectly positioned or making the right adjustments, mentality is great but he does need some serious work on him

Good mentality and gave a good little battle until he ran out of steam

Good movement and a positive attitude

Good movevemt, agility and the typical Uruguayan approach i.e. aggression

Good understanding of the role expected of him

Great competitor, vocal and alert and he seems to improve a little bit every time

Hardworking with good, not blistering pace but moved well and was efficient even if lacking in threat and power upfront

Has a lot of intensity to his game

He has lots of energy and desire wanting to get on the ball and express himself

He seems to be finding his self-confidence

He was a leader, exuded confidence and kept his team-mates alert plus broke his nose at some point but kept fighting as if nothing had happened

His commitment / work rate / defensive input is improving although personally I can't see him as a left winger -makes more sense as an AMF

Honest boy

I can imagine him being promoted to the seniors this season or the next but question marks over his physique as well as his temper (known to have issues, disagreements with coaches etc)

I really liked him his work rate and focus was good

Imaginative and creative

It seemed as if for the final 20' or so JUGADOR had also had to play through pain, not sure what was wrong but he still refused to capitulate especially when RIVALES got their goal and EQUIPO needed to react

JUGADOR does not look the part or very special at all but did a good job on the day and seemed quite competent, I am told he is a very good character / trainer also


Looked aware and alert

Looked positive throughout

Looked very positive

Looks an honest, constructive player without much talent or quality and not someone who'd make a difference or give you that something extra

Lots of confidence, commitment and determination although should dosify his energy better and not chase always but when there is a chance to make the opponent uncomfortable

Made the difference on the game

Medium size but quite strong and has a good mentality, in fact it enabled him to "conceal" some issues with his touch and general technique as he was constantly being physical, proactive, overlapping and becoming an outlet for EQUIPO to counter by the right hand side

Never-say-die gestures -no ball was taken for granted

No doubt JUGADOR is a talent, plus one thing -while EQUIPO went with the flow and showed no "rebellion" while beaten here, the 16 year old was actually very committed and cried from the dugout when substituted as, for him, this defeat / elimination did mean something

Not fazed in the slightest by the occasion

Not great physically, no aerial game etc but great desire and fighting spirit

Not very fast but mobile enough and understood where to push, how to dispossess and how to then break forward so much so that he scored the 2nd goal in great fashion -lovely double give&go with Pavón and a calm finish past the GK

Not very influential or commanding but flashes of quality and inspiration

Player is on loan here from EQUIPOPRESTADOR, only a handful of games but I was impressed with how he's integrated and already got vocal, settled in, became a leader

Responsible defensively

Showed a decent attitude to track back when possession passes over

Switched on, used his physique (not very tall but decent enough size plus powerful and loves contact) well and was even booked for dissent

Team captain, very vocal and obviously a reference to his team-mates

Technically just OK and game looked somewhat predictable through him but still an honest, acceptable display with signs of courage, leadership and directness

Today he seemed to engage more even collaborate more in defence

Typically Latin habits of taking advantage

Understands the game

Very good attitude and desire tonight however a bit all over the place at times and tactically definitely needs work

Very smart boy

Was positive from minute one

Well balanced

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

A bit unstable -bright at first with some quality moments and a goal opportunity

Always on edge of game

As much as JUGADOR has pace, directness, and lots of 1v1 ability he seems not to be developing well especially in terms of awareness and concentration

Bit carried away and nervous (booked for dissent in the 1H)

Bit complacent for me and physically he didn't look very commanding often accepting a secondary role until the team had progressed into the final third without him

Bit naive in certain situations (unnecessary handball, constantly in dissent) but active and a decent threat throughout

But once again he didn't show enough authority

Constantly late to the ball v opposing defenders looking weak and without intensity

Defensively he would track back and help out a bit but without being a true defensive element plus after 5-6 of those sprints you could see he was struggling and not enjoying himself at all

Did not benefit from his side's slow start

Did not look tired or injured or anything just 4x1 up with him seemingly "bored" at the lack of opposition

Did not see him enjoy playing upfront or imposing himself

Didn't show intensity in his game

Direct style, a bit nervous at times and not clever enough to make a pause on occasion

Displayed some antics

Does have some abilities but looked down on people as if he were better

Even though JUGADOR displayed eagerness and the mentality to press / stretch the RIVALES back 4 he did so in a somewhat disorganised, chaotic manner with no co-ordination with his team-mates and going at it on his own

Form patches

FT and myself were told by Arsenal's 2nd choice GK that Esteban is having a hard time settling into the club and the team-mates, looking aloof and even arrogant at times and not reacting to his or (GK coach, Abbondanzieri) efforts to wake him up.

Good mentality and work rate, read the game well but wasn't super fast and was indeed late on occasion

Has a habit of drifting out of games for periods . Undoubted ability

He had 3-4 good solo efforts but very few and far between and link up play in particular seemed insufficient to me, also could have done with some more mobility and energy

He was intense, hardworking and wanted to stretch however it was technically that he failed with EQUIPO RIVAL marking him tightly and personally and making sure his execution would not be neat

I don't see any real "extreme" attributes to think JUGADOR would be top draw but, should he increase his consistency and diminishing those passive moments when he drifts out of the game he can be quite interesting indeed

I see him, I don't know, 8-10 times a year and that's what happens -plays a blinder one day, then totally fails and goes with the flow (ie stops fighting) the next

Inconsistency is a big issue here as there are times / gestures that suggest a real "Steven Gerrard type" but he'd then fail to show up for rather significant periods in every game

Lacks self-confidence

Likes to show off

Link up play was mixed as he depended mostly on inspiration

Looked a bit nervous in possession and did the selfish thing at times

Looked annoying since the beginning of the match.

Looked bit shy

Looked frustrating at times

Looked slow, disinterested and lacking in energy today showing no desire to make himself available or yield it bringing others into play

Looks average paced but does tend to dive in on occasions and concede free kicks unnecessarily


Needs to be more lively and more consistent

Nervous in possession, he was all passion and intensity at first (though turned quite often) then after receiving a big knock he lost the intensity as well

Nervous, erratic and lacking in self confidence

Not very bright or positive else where

Only glimpses of talent and maybe not as committed or lively

Poor positioning and extreme nervousness

Seem to be issues with his footballing IQ and concentration levels


Slow thinker

Slow to react

So active as unclear in ball possession

Talking to his agent JUGADOR is a bit frustrated that he's not getting enough playing time and compromising his development

Technically sound with a good touch but a bit static for me and took him ages to track back on occasion

Uncharacyeristically slow and late to challenges, it looks as though he felt he didn't have to push himself much after COMPAÑERO scored on 1' but having been Nacional's most incisive player this season I was expecting more from him

Unfortunately for the 2H RIVALES had gone level, then got the champiosnhip goal and you could not see the same sharp Pereiro taking the initiative as he had in the 1H

Unfortunately highly prone to drifting out which was the case today

Wants to get involved with opponents and officials too much instead of doing his basic job

Were some antics (i,e. asking for cards, dissenting, the odd dive) that took me by surprise as JUGADOR is not a dirty player or anything

Won some challenges and lost some but looked somewhat nervous

[ + / - ] E Technical & Tactical

60%-40% right-footed but left is also good and he has decent technical attributes

Actually quite mobile with a certain change of pace, first touch good and positive and his team-mates saw a good, reliable outlet in him

Anticipates errors and wants the ball in behind and down the sides

Broke into wide areas and delivered decent quality into the box

Comfortable receiving in the tight - Has a picture in his head before ball arrives

Completion rate was high although little pressure and quite a few side passes

Composed on either foot

Conceptually JUGADOR is an interesting player, a good combination of mental and technical attributes without having any extreme characteristics to his game

Decent feet and could beat a man repeatedly, but by the 55th minute or so he stopped going to the byline and instead cut inside a bit to try and retain / elaborate and then produce penetrative passes to good effect

Despite his technical limitations and somewhat heavy touch, became a constant threat and increased the tempo as well as the intensity

Did not look absolute top but has something

Displayed a decent ball control

Displayed a decent technique

Displayed a lovely balance and change of direction

Displayed a quick feet

Displayed a very good ball control

Displayed good technique

Does not have magical feet but he does have a very sharp change of direction

Elegant footballer

EQUIPO's best player anyhow showing reasonable technical ability and a very good left foot which enabled him to try from a variety of distances and angles

Excellent feet

Excellent short passing and variety of pass, he hardly missed and was able to clarify things, make the easy side passes as well as the elaborated and penetrating ones

Exceptional awareness of what's around him and vision, saw short and long, different angles, wanted to play penetrative ones and do harm between the lines

Fantastic talent

Fantastic touch and awareness

Far more comfortable running onto the ball than coming to it

Fills holes

First touch good

From a tactical standpoint he was quite aware and displayed good game-reading skills throughout

Good change of direction at speed

Good movement and willing to engage

Good pace, movement and work rate

Good to maintain possession and give his team-mates a rest

Good touch and has 2-3 options in his head

Got on really switched on and fired up which compromised his passing a bit at first (he is quite simple and rudimentary with the ball) but when he managed to settle in he played a good part in EQUIPO rescuing 3 points here

Had some bright moments with huge natural talent and the ability to get past 1-2 players with ease, although judgement not great and he did elaborate on occasions

Had very good notion for space and the aerial alleys I guess if I could liken him to someone that'd be (former Germany star) Oliver Bierhof

Handles ball well - Finds a way out of the tight

Has a good feet

Has good technical ability and moves well

Has some serious qualities and is well worth us following even if not the fastest or more dynamic

He effected the game and could go past players with good ability in 1v1 situations

He has an excellent 1st touch and will happily receive the ball when closely marked

He seemed more dangerous when going 1v1 or running into space instead

He will break lines and penetrate with his passing

Head up - Decent range of pass - One or two excellently weighted penetrative passes

Head up and aware of what is around him

His movement was good and you could see him open several times

In the air he is strong but goes for ones he should drop off for and can be clumsy

Interesting footballer, looks very natural and with a polished technique, crossing was good and he registered the assist to the 2nd goal in fine fashion

JUGADOR is technically capable and has a fine right foot on him

Keeps his passing simple and looks sound enough technically

Knew when to venture further forward

Likes to move ball quickly into nearest available player

Looked technically decent

Looked technically very good

Looked very mobile with a good change of pace

Looks good in the air

Lovely technical ability and passing skills -some of them when EQUIPO were trailing combined urgency, sense, directness and excellent angles-

Makes body adjustments to draw fouls and free kicks

Mobile and active across the line and down the sides with his movement

Mobile enough

More composed in possession and with more clarity to his game

Movement excellent

Movement sharp and clever

Moves really well with the ball

Moves well

Moves well - long stride

Nani -average size but quick and mobile, good lungs and full of tricks and changes of direction, wasteful at times but ready to have a go again and quite productively especially on the break

Neat and tidy player

Nice profile, agile, coordinated and quite skilled has a good left foot on him and can see a pass

No sprints, no movement, no determination but he maintains a remarkable natural ability to know where the ball is going to land

Only then passing it out very quick, very simple and to the sides

Pin-point passes

Quality footballer, technically he displayed a wide array with control, turning, soft touch, deception, dribbling and a fine shot which he used x4 during this game

Quality generally good from wide areas

Quite composed on the ball and had a presence overall

Reads the channels very well, naturally and freshly

Reads the pace of the ball into him well to draw contact and fouls

Receives ball nicely - on half turn and out of feet

Receives the ball on the run very well and is direct with his running the ball

Reliable when receiving into feet

Seems to "have something"

Seems to always do what the play called for

Sees movement and range of pass is good

Showed a good use of the arms to keep possession of the ball

Showed a great technique

Showed a great vision

Showed a very good aerial game

Started bright displayed good technical attributes, close control and co-ordination for a player his size

Tactically OK, read it well other than 2 specific instances where he still managed to catch up and clear thanks to his pace

Technically he looked very good

Technically he proved to have resources, decent touch and vision plus a good degree of fighting spirit beyond his average frame

Technically just OK, nothing spectacular but he'd move constantly, avoid being tight-marked and getting both CB's in trouble

Technically looks amazing

Technically looks good and if you allow him time on the ball he is capable of picking a pass

Technically not great but distributed well enough and joined in even if he then lacked top pace or the savoir faire (to deliver) of a proper full back

Technically sound

Technically sound and did run 90' displaying very high endurance levels, worked for the team however didn't impact the game much especially not in the vicinities of the box

Technically sound with a good right foot (took several set pieces and 2 corners were executed to perfection only for noone to connect and tap them in) but a bit passive for me an relied on it too much without being dynamic enough

Technically very good with a fine left foot and a natural ability to turn and change direction

Technically very good. Receives ball well on the half turn. Can accept ball off either side

Telling passes long and short range

Touch not great but strange and unpredictable and succeeded with the 2-3 turns he attempted

Turns very well

Typical Latin talent, gifted, streetwise with a goal threat and good resources (i.e. Tevez) but needs a bit more power and directness to his game as he tends to drop to the sides or just avoid frontal contact

Unorthodox little player with mobility issues but understood things very well and made the EQUIPORIVAL back 4 look vulnerable, even naive at times

Use of the ball simple yet effective, high completion rate although perhaps not under pressure as the opposition was very poor on the day

Very good mid range shooting

Very good on the ball today, he is composed under pressure but will carry it out and can play long and short

When in a more advanced role he was the only one playing smart

Won in the air, used his body well and dispossessed efficiently and then kept it simple with his passing, was competitive and intense (I thought he was close to deserving a red card) but then limited in situations where there was ground and not looking very calm on the ball

Work rate, chasing back and pressing was good

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

All left foot

All right foot

Appears to have significant potential thanks to his pace, mobility and directness down the left hand side however being so head down and unaware of what's around him delivery wasn't always the best

At times delays moving ball on

Bad heading technique

Casual with his passing, also knocked off the ball on occasion

Comfortable on the ball and used it well in general however one paced and not really able to get away

Competed well in the air too even though lacking technique and timing in some situations

Complicates rather simple situation

Covered ground well but is not very fast and not 1 time did I see him drive with confidence or go past people

Decent leap and tough but then would head it incorrectly

Decision making poor - Caught in possession once or twice

Delivery mixed and quite easy to read, I'd say even predictable / boring

Delivery was adequate but not super high quality or with enough variety or timing

Did not display great vision or awareness or the ability to link up as we like, he was more of a threat on an individual basis instead

Didn't displayed a good leap and and even when he won would head it incorrectly

Displayed a really poor technique

Displayed poor judgment decision making

Drives with the ball too far from the boot

End product lacking on occasions

Fast, agile, unpredictable player with many runs today yet not much coming out in terms of end product, poor delivery and sense to his actions in my opinion

Finesse let him down today including a serious miss in the 80th which could have meant the 3 points

Fluid football but also with a sense of urgency i.e. always going for ambitious and difficult angles

From a tactical standpoint he looked disorder and lacks game-reading skills.

Goes to ground easily

Good ball control and can dribble but a bit predictable in the sense if not much vision / awareness and only has the goal in his sight

Good technician but without energy or a sense of commitment, his dribbling and passing skills were only shown on half a dozen occasions but without really impacting this affair

Got back into shape during transition but doesn't offer too much without the ball

Got stubborn at times not elaborating enough

Has a fantastic right foot on him however didn't use that at all in terms of mid or long range attempts

Has a lovely feet for long balls but he overdid that today and compromised possession and fluidness on occasion

Has a very good left foot on him but use of the ball wasn't great today and I wish he had more directness and unleashed that shot more

Has agility, speed and a somewhat unpredictable style but his understanding of the game is a big issue for me.

Has some qualities but seems to do everything rushed, without enough elaboration or reasoning, trusting his speed too much

Has some technical ability but looked a bit weak and inconsistent to me

Having said that he was also quite wasteful and tactically incorrect by choosing wrong or isolating himself which often effected his end product

Having said that, in some specific sequences you could also see the same issues / concerns we have had in terms of positioning, order and timing while defending or tracking back to defend

He didn't operate well without the ball and in fact looked lost and confused at times

He is a creative type and does see a pass but at times he over elaborates and the chance has gone, frustrating his colleagues in the process

He is not too tactically disciplined a player

He looked struggled to turn

He never quite managed to create a proper chance for himself

He relies a lot on his right foot and his pace but didn't time his runs too great today which affected delivery

He saw danger early and didn't hesitate to send it to Row Z although I felt sometimes he shouldn't have

He understands the game and can beat a man but without blistering pace or the ability to get away

He's got talent and a good passing game (this is what earned the move from Sport Recife) but ultimately unable to provide real danger, get away and add an attacking dimension to his game

His contribution was reduced to a lot of touches, some good movement and clever passes

However being naive at times and lacking vision to involve others

I was not impressed with his touch as if he were second guessing himself the whole time

It was all out of his brain and his choice/weight of pass

Just 3-4 interesting touches and nice pace to beat first man but often lacking in intelligence and vision and thus insufficient end product

Just don't see enough from him when he is on the ball

Lacking in quality, basically he had some opportunities and quite some ground to exploit in behind VOLANTEXAFUERA but did very little with that

Lacks any real dynamic

Limited game reading abilities

Limited in possession

Looked fast and dangerous, turns well and looked to shoot right away although without really good results as lacking in accuracy today

Looks technically adequate yet far from special and I wish he had tried a diagonal every now and then as there was space opportunity for that but refrained himself from doing so

Made complex simple situations

Medium size, good atheltic shape, good speed over first few metres but failed to really get away and you could almost never see him comfortable / well adjusted in the final third when finishing or crossing the ball

Needs too many touches to control the ball

Nice gesture indeed however I wish those gestures weren't this few/far between as he took long naps and did not effect the game as much as he could have

Not great at retaining the ball or helping SUEQUIPO play with the clock but his contribution was mainly of physical nature enabling the team to rest as he'd run into wide areas and go for the long balls, stretch people and ultimately make sure another long ball would come back

Not so convincing over short distances

Not surprisingly

Not very accurate with his passing in terms of quality

Not very technical or elegant

Out to in - offered nothing on the outside

Overdoes it

Personally not my cup of tea, mobility issues (he's a holding midfielder turned into CH) and technically average

Prevailed in the air but headed in the wrong direction at times

Purposeful and willing to take people on but with little end product and a somewhat mechanical, predictable approach

Quality not very high and had he been more precise SUEQUIPO could have killed this off on the break

Quality on the ball and timing let him down in the final third - Clouded

Quite careless and casual also bit suspect when decided to play out the back

Rather common and simple whilst in possession, not only he didnt get into the final third much also the few times he did reach it he looked confused and mechanical in his delivery

Receiving and distribution Ok and seems to have a good left foot but he only produced 2 shots none of them really powerful or positive enough

Roamed a lot without really penetrating

Seems to thrive when marked closely, yet vision gets clouded when he's got more room to decide, needs to feel pressed

Showed real problems when he had to resolve in tight areas, control under pressure etc as he can be limited sometimes

Soft feet but lacks dynamism

Starved of ball for periods and ended up looking to receive too deep

Still needs to anticipate contact better when coming to the ball, does not set himself to draw a foul or protect the ball

Struggle with his control and looking quite frustrated towards the end

Technically bad

Technically gifted, good first 5 metres and good change of direction but not done enough of that today as he looked a bit disconnected even lazy at times

Technically he seemed reasonable and able to beat a man but then would not get away

Technically he seems OK but the way he makes adjustments or manipulates the ball is quite disappointing as it looks as if he didn't want it and instead just play it up and get rid of it asap

Technically he was inconsistent, missed a lot of passes and control was awkward at times

Technically he's got some tools and looked comfortable in possession however when driving and being direct he failed to get past people and to complete the passes he had seen

Technically he's somewhat limited and though generally safe I thought some of the long balls he played (to LATERAL and VOLANTE in particular) weren't all that called for

Technically limited and I wish he took less risks because he could have been punished even further

Technically not so good

Technically OK but not as confident as he was last season and didn't have any other real clear-cut opportunities

Technically quite limited

Technically simple and not the cleanest, I suspect he'd struggle big time against better opposition

Technically very good with good touch and close control, decent right foot on him but he hardly provided a real threat and you could not see him supporting DELANTERO in advanced areas

Technique is an issue and being frustrated, desperate with a 0x3 score certainly did not help

Technique is reasonable but he lacked that finesse in the final moments and I guess one could say he got a bit clouded at times

Tended to take an extra touch - ignored better options and play broke down on him too often

The problem is, he was tactically unaware, super nervous and ineffective with his passing and crossing and ultimately he could not make a valid contribution

Today he had a couple of interesting touches, resolutions in tight areas and good 1v1's followed by periods where he'd choose wrong or just go missing

Too much passes missed and no real sense to them

Unsecured in possession

Was insecure in possession

Was very predictable in his movements

With fluidness and agility however cutting edge wasn't there and I thought he should have imposed himself more

Work rate was very good even if use of the ball not the greatest or neatest at times

Zero aerial game though and had the opposition been better EQUIPO would have been penalised for that

[ + / - ] F Goalkeeper

3 clear ones for RIVAL and in 2 of those GK enabled them to get to the middle of the box firing almost point blank

Another one where he took the player out while catching with a good long throw too restarts fast

Catch a mid height cross in the dive

Catch another easy cross

Catch another high cross in

Catch cross of wide free kick

Come to catch a high cross

Come to catch another cross under pressure

Come to catch high free kick to the fare post 12 yards out

Denied DELANTERO RIVAL in a great effort and looked quite commanding, he's always had a presence but now he seems to have lost a bit of weight and looks a bit more agile

Did not have any blatant errors, movement was good and full of agility but also no exceptional saves today and if the opposition didn't score here was mainly due to incredible inability to convert their chances

Did reasonably well not really tested

Displayed a good communication with defenders and organizes the defense, thus helping defensive stability

Displayed amazing reflex

Displayed good reflex

Distribution sound and you can tell he's got the quality and the tools

EQUIPO won this comfortably and he did have a fine save coming off the line to deny the opposing no.9 an angle, but still there were moments of little focus and poor handling of the ball and I did not think his back 4 felt safe around him

Good handling and kicking in general, good reading of the situations but size/reach are an issue EPL wise and I wish he dared keep a higher line

Good high starting positions for wide free kicks. Read the game well

Good in the air, got his distances right and tried to be tidy

Good placement. Composed with his feet

Good reflexes and brave however not the biggest or most commanding and I suspect (EQUIPO RIVAL) could have exposed him more had they crossed the ball more often

Good size and reach, not huge or overly commanding but has a reasonable presence and good sense of positioning, timing and notion of his steps

Good size athletic enough shape but never did he have a "winning stance" or a commanding presence, instead he preferred to use his agility and game-reading skills to prevent maybe a wider margin -could have been 6 or 7x1

Good starting positions

Had 1 excellent save in particular showcasing his fine reflexes but to be honest RIVALES were unlucky / inept not to convert their chances as GK keeping so behind meant they would strike the final shot always inside the box

Had 2 fine saves, was vocal and tried to step up the tempo with his excellent use of the ball (ground balls, standing, in motion, all kinds of balls he kicked very well including a notable cross kick that became a dangerous counter-attack for his team)

Had 5 saves 2 of them excellent showing lovely agility and reflexes and accurate stepping

Had a decent game in general with much composure and good agility levels however I felt he could have done better (i.e. come off more decisive) in RIVALES's goal

Had an OK game especially when Chile were subject to heavy Paraguay pressure and showed courage to come off, prompt the taker's misexectution

Has a decent reach

Has a very good reach

He did respond well catching crosses and not parrying much

He hold well wile players where around under pressure

He kept a clean sheet

He played well with good positional play dealing well with crosses and very composed distribution and accuracy

I wasn't that impressed with his response on crosses though, but overall an interesting display by Petroli

In 1v1 come to close down through ball dive block the ball at feet and fast up to clear the loose ball

In this didn’t do much wrong was not really tested with shots but movement was good and he reads the game well

Likes to take risk

Look to restart fast with side volley was accurate

Look to sweep up behind the defense come out side the box to clear left foot in the bounce cleared the ball well

Looked brave and aggressive

Looked invulnerable in the air

Looks an interesting goalkeeper, good basics and reasonable physical attributes I'd keep on radar

Made a cover save for a header of corner wide

Medium size not great reach but competitive and seems to possess a good explosive leap, also not afraid to come off however he did not choose the moments right and was caught out for positioning 2-3 times

No action required but keep on radar and see how he develops

Not at fault for the goal, it was really well slotted into the bottom corner

Not overly tested but responded quite well the 2-3 times he was called upon

Not overly tested or called upon

Not really at fault for the goal (team-mate lost possession inside the box)

Not really at fault for the goal, it was essentially a great effort by DEL RIVAL to catch that ball and cross it from an impossible angle, he was fast to go to the near post turn and then back to the far post, couldnt make it and I thought starting position was the problem

Not tested much but responded well the 2-3 times he needed to step out

Of the floor good kicks hit target each time in this game

One fine point-blank save v JUGADOR1

One low save to fare post read the shot hold it well

One scoop up from a free kick in the bounce

Other than that he had 2-3 decent saves, handled and kicked well (both for distance and accuracy) and came off a little better than recently -only not as good or commanding as a couple of years ago when he'd dominate

Perhaps he could have done more in the goal and also been more physical in some 1v1 situations but not too bad in general

Plays a high line

Push a header in dive over cross bar

Quite alert and courageous

Read the game quite well and had solid hands, did not parry excessively and distributed very well, in very assured fashion

Responded quite well today, with agility and good timing also coming off to deny DEL1 and OTROQATACO

Responded well in general and did well in the air

Right footed Good accurate side volley hit target each time


Showed courage and desire and did OK in general although the visiting side didn't pressure him much and, the only time they did penetrate, they beat him to a 2v1 and scored the only goal of the game

Slight improvement compared to performance v (RIVAL 1) or (RIVAL 2), still not quite the "panther" he was like back in 2011 and 2012 where he'd be much more daring and more willing to come off.

Small left-footed one with excellent hands and very good accuracy (with his left -right wasn't as convincing)

Some good movements and agility and a couple of positive saves

Still showed good reflexes and courage to come off and twice he denied the RIVAL striker in real "mano a mano" situations whre he handled himself in an assured manner

Tends to parry

Was brave and for a while (30th-50th minute) was the one reason why Paraguay still hadn't turned this game

Was in good angel for a shot across him.

Was very vocal keeping his fellow defenders alert

Wasn't bombarded or anything like that but had 6-7 sequences (including 2 clear-cut RIVAL chances) and he responded well in all of them

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

Also even though he's got a powerful kick some of his efforts today lacked in precision / accuracy which resulted in EQUIPO RIVAL getting back at him

Awkward almost in slow motion letting it get in. 4th goal wasn't really his fault but could have read the cross better as DEL RIVAL headed home totally uncontested

Brave display tried to be vocal and authoritative but displayed coordination issues, timing not always great even cumbersome at times.

Brave, good reflexes and seemed OK on the line but maybe too deep and not very reliable when coming off to collect, also did not calm down his back line and instead added to their nervousness at times

But also displayed some nervousness and poor handling at times, including the Alborno goal where I thought he could have done a bit more

Could have come off in 2 of the goals but was late in doing that as if he didn't have enough self confidence

Couldn't catch it, and parried it long for number X to score on the rebound

Decent on the line and fast off it to go 1v1 with the forward but for high or aerial balls his hands would just be tied as in not much to do

Did OK in general but was a bit hesitant, fearful at times even if there were no huge individual errors to be credited to him

Distances all wrong at times

Doesn't fill the goal well but he's just 18, maybe he can grow some more to maybe a Casillas type

Doesn't look like he's got much growth in him, regretfully

For the final goal GK was once again caught off his line some 15 yards out with DEL RIVAL firing a lovely lofted ball over his head exposing him ridiculously

For the first goal the defence didn't quite help but on 21' he did look slow as they scored from 20 yards out to almost no reaction

For the first goal, GK was very poor letting in an easy FK which bounced right before him without him "attacking" that ball, very poor indeed

For the second he gave a rebound right to Klusener's feet for an easy finish

For the third a poor back pass by CB left him having to come off to clear but DEL RIVAL beat him to the ball and slotted in comfortably

For the third he was unlucky that the shot was deflected and lofted over his head but he looked rather slow (again)

Good reflexes and brave, but partially at fault for the opening goal (went between his legs) and no presence on goals no. 2 and 3 -the home side just muscled their way into the box and put it in

Good size but the shape is not perfect as he doesn't seem to have great limbs or a well defined core as if he weren't properly trained

Had 2 saves showing good reflexes and decent hands, his kicking was decent with 2-3 excellent effors but overall he let in 4, looked hesitant, footwork not great and overal nearly none of that super promising, commanding goalie GK was whilst at SU EX EQUIPO

Had trouble to get to another 2 shots by JUGADOR2 -both hit the crossbar and he had no reach to get there

Has good size and a presence but I felt reach failed him in some crosses as he could do with dropping 2-3 pounds

He has a certain presence and covered the goal well but some of his reactions not the quickest and partially at fault for the first goal I thought

He would not play higher up enough or be ready to leave his goal and close the shooting angles -a bit as if he'd still catching his match fitness along with his self confidence.

His main problem was positional, miscalculated 2-3 not getting the ball

I wish he were more commanding and that today's performance will build on confidence and add to consistency which can be a concern

I wish he'd play 5 yards ahead -more in the way JA would like- as he sat too deep at times and he'd trust his reflexes and game reading too much instead of dashing off or trying to sweep out

Liked to come off quick to make the opposing striker uncomfortable but while he won some he also made a crucial aerial mistake in the opening XXX goal

Looked technically decent but due to his short height with a tendency to punch

Looked very shy without personality

Looks a bit short and not the greatest reach and it went almost straight in the top corner so ball never was actually even near him

Looks Insecure

Looks well coached and with decent hands but positioning was suspect at times and the judgement as to when to stay, when to come off also

Medium size does not look as though there's tons to come, probably 185 cm or so tops

Mixed feelings for me. On the one hand another win, another clean sheet for GK but on the other hand I still can't see real progress or a point where his confidence is fully back or as authoritative as before -not quite the commanding one he was at Youth level

Needs to do better when coming off, command more and peform with more belief but for now he seems to have taken a positive step in his career, constituting another interest prospect to watch even if he didn't impress tonight

Not directly at fault for any of the goals but I felt he could have done more especially in the FK (static)

Overall I wasn't overly impressed with ARQUERO and wondered how Chile do not have better options in this position / age group

Overall not at fault for the goals and made an effort but I can't see him being of the standard or able to to really kick on technically

Physically obviously tall but still not filled out and needs to increase his presence

Plays a way low line almost glued to the goal line

Reasonable performance today, he's got his EU passport ready now but I would not be very comfortable in thinking of GK as backup to Mignolet right now -especially after this quite shaky term for him at his new club. Keep monitoring

Responsible for at least goals no. 2 and 3 and also partially at fault for the other 2

Size is a real concern at 6'0'-6'1' and this does seem to make him secondguess himself as he fears the ball is going to go above and in behind

Still a bit heavy for me and I wonder how he would fare against quick counter-attacking opposition

Technically acceptable but with that limited to just his individual saves without showing what he is capable of when coming off

Technically just Ok, kicks right foot and got decent distances but was never a positive factor with his distribution or enabling EQUIPO to counter

Technically lovely and trusts his left foot a lot, playing a back 3 he'd try to be an extra man for CB1/CB2/CB3 but when it came to chances he'd always go back and stay on the line -should have come off more and with more belief

Technically somewhat left to be desired and the adjustments he made with feet and hands did not look very natural to me

There's no denying of GK's qualities and potential but I do not see him beefing up, or increasing his presence or coming off as determined as he should (and once was)

Two distinct goalies for me -once again very good on the line, brave, quick and reading well plus didn't parry much; by contrast I saw him quite vulnerable in some aerial situations where all his composure and class become doubtful and shaky

Unfortunately while he seemed to possess mobility, bravery and reasonable technical ability (sound left foot for passing) he looks far too small and knew this when having to catch crosses

Valuable away win + clean sheet but was not overly impressed with GK especially in the starting position department -seemed glued to the line at times instead of attacking the ball and commanding from the back

Very good size and lovely "feline" shape with agility reach and flexibility, but very little of that to good effect today

Was brave, made 2 key reaction saves and did not hesitate but when the first goal went in he then lost a bit of self-confidence

Was insecure in the air

Well taught and trained by EQUIPO has a powerful kick on him but technique and footwork were not top draw for me and questions remain about his mobility -he had lost almost an entire season due to personal issues (a girl!)

[ + / - ] G Defense

1v1 he did not have much work to do but looked imposing and intense, improving his efficiency especially in the last 30´or so

Aerial game mixed with 2-3 good leaps and certain presence but also an unforgivable mistake (mistimed jump and the ball got straight to DEL RIVAL's feet)

Aerial game OK but still can impose himself more

Also JUGADOR found the time to get forward sometimes being dangerous both in the air and when getting into his stride, but he also showed technical limitations at that on occasion

Average size nice lean shape moved well with drive and agility but no flyer

Came on at half time and his inclusion meant an improvement over EQUIPO's sloppy 1st half defensive performance yet far from standing out

Cleared well, was vocal, stopped crosses and was EQUIPO's main attacking weapon today

Clever little full back with good notions of time / space and quite effective even though he does not possess outstanding technical abilities

Competed quite well, dispossessed more with intensity than out of positioning and made a few errors along the way but always in the context of a mobile, dynamic approach trying to get into 2v1's, overlaps, crossing positions

Competed well and played on his front foot often anticipating DEL1/DEL2 and enjoying defending, also quite good in aerial situations despite not being ultra tall and generally he did a good job

Decent performance with a lot of desire, toughness and on the front foot however turned 2-3 times by RIVAL sort of exposing some limitations in that aspect

Defensively he did well even if a bit unstable at times having to make urgent adjustments

Defensively he was aware and kept RIVAL1 at bay for the most part, produced a crucial clearance of an RIVAL2 shot and stopped crossed

Despite his technical limitations and somewhat heavy touch, became a brick wall with very good intensity and awareness

Did a tough honest defensive job even if he did lose the ball sometimes after winning it or trying to build out the back

Did a very good job keeping (EQUIPO RIVAL)'s star (ESTRELLA RIVAL) well at bay

Did not do too badly considering he was up against serious opposition (JUGADOR RUVAL 1, JUGADOR RIVAL 2) however there were moments where he lost his man and would be drawn out quite easily -needed aid from the more experienced DEFENSOR EXP 1 and DEFENSOR EXP 2 to get back into shape

Did not fill me with confidence but overall did a good job controlling the RIVALES CFWD with positioning, aggression and physicality -he is one fine, athletic specimen indeed

Did not stand out but had a couple of fine clearances including a crucial one still at 0x0

Did not stand out but won the majority of his challenges and looked "the least vulnerable" EQUIPO defender on display today

Did not stand out or do anything special but, as always, fulfilled his duties quite well solidifying EQUIPO's back 4

Did OK defensively showing a good disposition and marking concentration, although not very clever and was drawn out sometimes which caused the odd problem

Did well on the day, led by example, was tough and vocal yet technically somewhat left to be desired

Didn't look flashy or had classy clearances but always got there on time, was physical and aggressive and responded well in the air helping the visitors get away with a rather undeserved draw here

Distances OK and responded well in the air (RIVAL didn't win even once there) though overall he didn't offer anything special and in fact OTROCB, the other CB, might have looked a bit more interesting in my eyes

Far from outstanding or spectacular but kept the opposing winger very quiet, marked on the front foot and reacted quickly enough to intercept many times and get forward right away

Fought a hard battle v RIVAL1 and won (in fact for his goal beat COMPA LATERAL not him) and he's impressed everyone with his assurance, determination and aggressiveness in just a handful of matches as a pro

Fought hard and won the majority of his challenges plus good awareness and decent control which enabled him to carry the ball well on occasion

Generally OK but looked confused on 2-3 occasions only to be put back into position by his more experienced partner, (EL OTRO CB)

Gets up to the ball and capable of regaining possession quickly

Good 1v1 response mainly out of intensity and positioning was good but he was beaten for pace 2-3 times and never looked quite comfortable on the ball

Good aggression levels, won everything in the air only I felt he wasn't very aware at times and those minor lapses of focus led to problems he created by himself

Good battle with JUGADOR RIVAL staying close and dispossessing him on occasion and also made 2 interceptions even if timing didn't always seem right i.e. likes to take risks

Good little footballer, mobile, clever and a decent marker more out of intelligence and timing than out of size or power

Good positioning and kept his distances better than CB1 and CB2, pace good not great but was always close and willing to use his physique to get in and dispossess

Good sense of positioning and front foot action

Good timing and use of his body, got a tough matchup v RIVAL and have to say he won the majority of the challenges

Got the upper hand today v WING RIVAL and performed with maturity beyond his years and challenge win ratio well beyond his tiny frame

Had 3-4 good recoveries

Had a bit of a shaky 1H with a lot of pressure as balls were played in behind CB and he had to go back quick for the clearance

Had a decent performance overall, looking solid and efficient but I did think he could have done more as beaten aerially for RIVALES's goal

Had a solid game in general though RIVAL only put DELANTERO RIVAL in the box, so he'd win out of aggressiveness and quantity and get the ball but then distribution wasn't very good

Had a solid, inspired and positive day where the EQUIPO left side became invulnerable and the few RIVALES attacks swiftly dismantled

He didn't tear it up or anything but kept a good line

He has a certain cockiness to him but while he looked good here it would not be the case against better opposition or more mature

He was on for about 25' which makes it difficult to grade but all in all JUGADOR had a reasonable input getting stuck in, being on the front foot and winning the majority of aerial challenges -at only 18

He was quite positive winning numerous challenges, imposing his presence and often anticipating play

He was the most solid out of the back 4 displaying good aggression, being alert to danger and clearing well even if not in the tidiest / most aesthetic manner

Honest and competitive, he gave his all to avoid getting relegated but failed from a technical viewpoint and did not succeed in stabilising the team or calming it down

I like him in general, he is tenacious and alert and will kick on, even if he does not evolve into a top level one he seemed better than the EQUIPO right-sided CB to me on the day

I really cannot see him as a downright full back considering his size and stance (good size and presence, takes a while to get into his stride) but the truth is he dominated this morning

In attacking terms he did a good enough job until the final third, passing simply and effectively and proving to possess a fine left foot

In general terms he was focused, well positioned and getting the upper hand v RIVAL / RIVAL2 but always in an honest, simple manner without showing any special attributes

Is right-footed and normally plays right-sided but this time paired OTRO LATERAL and had no problems switching to the other side and moving with composure and effectiveness

I've got certain concerns ref pace and quality to build out the back, today you could not see much 1v1 or crossing but on the other hand he was impossible to go past

Kept his distances right, even if he is not fast or especially agile

Knowing when to keep it and when to play long balls for EQUIPO to defend theirselves far from their own box

Looked insecure on the ball and being right-footed playing LB. Got much better in th 2H, showing courage, directness and his pace to fight back and put SUEQUIPO in a position to win this

Maybe not very solid or imposing yet, but he marked on the front foot, worked hard and forced several interceptions

Medium size but strong, very strong indeed I guess close to being described as "brute" and while this helped him deal with DEL RIVAL very well and win the majority of challenges, it also meant several balls were left there for the taking and SUQUIPO could not really build from the back through him -it had to be OTRO CB always

Medium size, looks like there's more to come lean shape but still quite strong and imposing, won every aerial situation and exuded aggression and joy to defend

Medium size, not the tallest but leap was good and enjoyed defending, the battle with DEL RIVAL was a nice one to watch as he cannot be intimidated

No major mistakes here but could have been more solid as concentration fluctuated at times

Not overly tested as RIVALES really only deployed 1 upfront but had a couple of fine clearances, especially in the second half with the scoreline already 3x0 and the team completely in control

Not overly tested in the air but responded well when he had to

Not tested defensively at all, he took up good positions and got the cross for the 4th goal, generally good touch and constructive give & go's

Not the tallest (182 cm or so) but held his own, responded well 1v1 and won in the air

Not the tallest but very strong and competitive, intense and would dominate his sector at the expense of VOLANTE RIVAL and DEL RIVAL

Not ultra big or overly athletic but competitive enough and overall EQUIPO's highest-rated defensive performer on the day

Not very accurate today but was once again EQUIPO's best defender at only 15

Not very lively but led the line OK for the first half

Often did he stay back to create a back 3 when LATERAL drove up the opposite side, stopping crosses and maintaining a solid line despite the odd concentrarion error

Often went inside to cover for the CB and stopped crosses well

Overlapping quite a bit and syncing with XXX in quite a fluid manner

Pace just OK and I wonder how he'd fare against better, faster opposition (DEL RIVAL is quite slow) but to his defence he was hard to go past and responded well with him team down to 10 man

Pace not top top but acceptable, problem is he's got an excellent left foot on him and relied on it too much while he could have done far more damage penetrating on 2-3 occasions instead

Positionally speaking nothing fancy but distances were OK, he stayed close and enjoyed defending actually looked eager to exert aggression and the odd knock around

Prepared to put foot in

Regained a lot of ball

Right-footed and had a tendency to drift inside and create, which he did to good effect in attacking terms but also opening the door for WING RIVAL to exploit the gap in behind

RIVALES did not pose too much of a threat however he defused most of their attepts, saw danger efficiently and generally defused it even though going to the ground (slide tackling) too much for my liking

Seems interesting and has a decent personality and a good left foot on him, though not sure about risk management and whether or not he'll have the physical tools for the role when he grows up

Showed good communication with defenders and organizes the defense, thus helping defensive stability

Slightly better than in previous showings, very physical (has the heart and a lovely size / shape for the position) and solid in the air -so much so that he played CFWD for the final 10 minutes

Solid, dependable defensive player

Sound in the air, stopped crosses other than one in particular he cleared erroneously leaving the ball up there for grabs

Started a bit shaky, took him 10' to get into the game but after that responded quite well and was the best of the EQUIPO back 4 I thought

Strong and aggressive defender

Strong physically and mentally, talked a lot and did well in 1v1 situations while there were a few times where he'd get his distances wrong and lose concentration

Technically good intentions without the technique to match and when pressing was too intense he'd just pass it onto DEFENSOR EXP 1 to escape danger

Technically quite simple and might seem a bit naive at times but only 22 and with a certain scope for further development

Techniclaly he isn't perfect but was quite positive today getting forward a lot and producing all kinds of exploits from 2 very good crosses, to a fine through ball for DELANTERO to miss to a shot on his own that bounced off the crossbar

Tonight the opposition was nothing short of appalling so no way to test him defensively but this is where all the concern lies

Took a number of set pieces and was an attacking factor, defensively speaking not much work to do but did get late once for a somewhat daft booking

Unfortunately not overly tested for pace or 1v1 and was sacrificed

Very good reading of the game today and he had quite a bit of the ball, intercepted, got into attacking positions and heavily involved in 2 of the goals

Very good size (read height) though a bit leggy and he needed to be real close to the opponent to avoid being beaten on the turn, pace seems OK yet nothing out of the ordinary

Very nice profile, tall lean type but with quite a bit of power combined with a rugged, aggressive playing style

Was Invulnerable in the air

Was the only EQUIPO defender to have any kind of attacking dimension to his game

Was up against a difficult RIVALES's side that dominated at home, his team was poor today and so he was left v 1, 2 or even 3 opponents at times plus he had to cover quite a bit of ground in behind OTRO DEFENSOR

Was up against DEL RIVAL (a difficult one to hold) and did a job muscling his way into dispossessing him and making him uncomfortable

Was very vocal keeping his fellow defenders alert

Went to the ground with belief and won the majority of his challenges, also stopped some crosses though RIVALES offered little opposition there

Without much fanfare or an exquisite technique he did alright and was overall EQUIPO's most sound defensive performer on the day

Won more than he lost v PUNTA RIVAL (quite a dangerous wide man) and was both alert and vocal, but technically he somewhat left to be desired

Won the majority of challenges on the ground and I believe all of his aerial ones, overall he had a good game "destructively speaking"

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

Acceptable in general with a good positive mentality and aggression yet not very tidy and got DEL1 and DEL2 in behind several times including the sequence of the opening goal

Aerially OK but then again not overly tested, and he does not appear to have a great leap

Also a bit slow building out the back, second guessing himself at times

Also rather average from a technical standpoint, he won numerous challenges but then passed it very casually never quite clarifying the passing out the back

And once again not fully convinced by him, you can tell he's got many of the tools, general quality, timing, lovely turn, physical potential (very thin now but loads more to come) but continues to try and resort to clearances always while avoiding contact, lets the CFWD pin him, trusts his pace too much I think

As opposed to JUGADOR'S interesting attacking exploits in the early stages of this competition he held back a lot and hardly ever got forward with real desire to penetrate, and his delivery was mixed and without much ambition

Average size (could do with 2 more inches), competed well and was physical/aggressive yet losing a lot in 1v1 situations and not pressing the shooter enough for me

Average size powerful build but lacking a bit in mobility and pace, was turned by JUGADOR RIVAL and then RIVAL1-RIVALQENTRA when the latter came on and didn't look great on the turn

Average size reasonably athletic with excellent pace and acceleration yet incredibily untidy and unprecise which led to him putting in crosses nowhere near target -would drive you crazy

Average size, not the biggest but quite mobile and energetic and did play with passion but looked all over the place at times

Aware of his lack of co-ordination always preferred the long ball insted of building out the back

Awareness OK, pace OK but did get himself in trouble on occasion especially for a bad control or a tactical error

Beaten for pace and turned by XXX / XXX / XXX on several occasions

Build out the back was poor too, generally a nightmare of a game for him

Bullied by xxx throughout

By contrast the rather weak JUGADOR wasn`t always sound defensively or in contact terms which enabled DEL RIVAL and VOL RIVAL to play in behind him at times

By contrast while (PLAYER) attacked quite a bit tonight he did have problems defensively

Committed display and prepared to put his foot in but struggled tactically and slow to react

Competed well keeping his distances right but did have a few problems (namely with JUGADOR more or less between 30' and 60') and communication with his CB (CB) was not ideal

Could do with some more agility and better control of his body, pace is OK but technically and coordination wise he is lacking and that also transpired of almost every attempt to build out the back

Could not regain too many balls

Defensively he did a good job in a tough battle v XXX however didn't turn fast enough when subject to the odd 2v1 and overlap from XXX

Defensively he has lots to work on

Defensively he wasn't tested to the fullest as (DELANTERO RIVAL) was mis-used on the left and rather inefficient

Defensively not at his best today as RIVALES found quite a spot in behind him and the connection with COMPAÑERO DE FONDO at the back lacked in order and intensity

Defensively not too bad this time but he still reads some situations too fast/early and lacks a bit of patience for me

Delayed to step up in offside trap 2-3 times.

Did a good job being on the front foot for (VOLANTE RIVAL) but struggled when played in behind, so there were 2 distinct sides to him -an intense, dangerous attacking threat and a less-than-convincing defensive ability.

Did a good job with the opposing CFWD and combined aggression / pace to dispossess 3-4 times however not very good building out the back after that

Did alright in general though carried away at times going too far nearly making the half way line -RIVALES were poor today but better opposition would probably punish this

Did not attack as often or as penetrating as it is usually the case

Did not have the most stable of games aven if it often was 4 (EQUIPO defenders) v 1 (RIVAL strikers) as the opposing no.9 did manage to turn him at times

Did OK but without getting into the game or offering enough link play / overlapping / attacking input as a proper full back would -we'd need to assess him again playing centrally

Did OK in general with decent defensive results but failing to make much of an attacking impact -he would give it a go, make himself available and be proactive but without much coming out off that

Did Ok out of desire, awareness and concentration but would not have the same results against better opposition I'm afraid

Distances all wrong at times

Distances OK but needs to use his body better, use his arms and not let them turn and he did appear to be a bit naive on occasion

Enjoyed defending and to anticipate to nick balls however on 2-3 occasions he got late and had to resort to a slide tackle to clear

Failed to impress today and performed well under his last few days's display particularly when it came to building out the back or forcing an interception

Gets attracted to the ball leaving space in behind him

Good defensive effort, consistent throughout and good first pass but lacking in the offensive / creative department

Good mentality and desire, would go through a brick wall but otherwise limited and far from comfortable in this game

Good movement, strong runner type without blistering pace got there a number of times with mixed results as delivery was a bit mechanical

Good physical specimen, he enjoyed defending and went at Henrique and Leandro however with mixed results and certain problems on the turn and getting his distances right

Good positional sense and wanted to be on the front foot but got over confident at times, and some of his clearances were really last-gasp as opposed to being solid and not going to the floor as much

Good positioning, concentration throughout but without pushing his pace too much

Good sense of positioning but mobility not great and after 3-4 high intensity runs you could see him struggling

Good size and shape, powerful although might lack a bit of agility and coordination and better opposition would test him more on the turn

Good tackler and loved to go down, slide etc but then coordination wasnt the best and twice did he misread an offside trap

Good work ethic and wanted to force him out but was turned repeatedly and exposed for judgement/positional errors

Got himself in dangerous situations (1v2, 1v3 even) for drifting to the left sometimes and leave a huge gap behind

Great physique, aggressiveness and power but lacks in some areas and his style would not really fit what we as a club are trying to implement

Had some moments where he showed tenacity, urgency and the ability to break play but also some shaky moments both positioning / distances wise and in terms of communicating with the full back and the holding mid

Has a nice left foot on him, it was a weapon during periods but not in a consistent way and sometiems he'd have everything to penetrate and cross it for a clear-cut chance only for him to miscue his delivery -looks like he cannot sustain concentration for long periods

Has a tendency to cut inside and not really go to the line for overlapping, as if he weren't entirely confident in his pace

Has good mentality and desire but positioning wasn't great and he looked nervous and susceptible to pressing, he never quite clarified things or built out the back with enough accuracy

Having said that as much as JUGADOR competed and did a good "destructive" job he had problems with co-ordination and touch and gave away the ball on 2 occasions for being unable to control it properly, also I wish he were more accurate with his passes and long balls

Having said that DEFENSOR didn't quite command and at times had problems contorlling DEL1 and -especially- DEL2

Having said that fr the 20+ overlapping attempts he was poorly wasteful the majority of times even if he didn't have a marker close by or a tight resolution

Having said that, damage was already done as it was JUGADOR's mistake (naively playing the ball over an opponent's head only to lose possession and enable RIVALES to score off it) which led to the only goal of the game

Having said that, he was vulnerable on the counter-attack and lacked the timing to intercept or respond when turned by RIVAL1 / RIVAL2

He did have some problems, especially when operating in tight areas and pressed on, and having (JUGADOR RIVAL) play in behind him on 4-5 occasions

He saw danger early and didn't hesitate to send it to Row Z although I felt sometimes he shouldn't have

He'd be disciplined, hit a brick wall if necessary but timing was poor, touch was loose and he even lost some aerial challenges down to poor game reading / anticipation

Highly temperamental player who can either overlap and cross or chop in and penetrate in diagonals, however not aware defensively and fairly lacking in discipline

His main problem was positional, got his distances wrong 3-4 times and one of them led to a shot right off the crossbar

Honest, acceptable defensive performance with the odd problem (3-4 times beaten by RIVAL1 and 1 by RIVAL2) yet giving it away cheaply on occasion and offering next to nothing in attacking terms

I did not see him convinced when overlapping as if he were second guessing himself and failing to see what the next move was

I suppose better opposition (or RIVAL on a better day) would have punished.

I wish he was a bit more coordinated and had played the ball out the back more fluidly especially in the first half

In attacking terms next to nothing I'm afraid

In fact his want-to-be progressive passing gone bad led to his more experienced partner, COMPAÑERO having to do quite a bit of yelling and criticising as per his distances and general sense of ganger -if Botafogo did not pose much danger he did it on his own

Industrious, progressive and with a reasonable left foot, he had 3 shots at goal and was quite involved although with EQUIPO's highly defensive / cynical approach he didn't quite get to the line as much as he could

Is a lovely size and shape, athletic and fast yet without a real sense for positioning or distances and often had to go to the ground to make up for this

It was a nice little battle between him and WINGRIVAL but while he offered some threat he also enabled the RIVALES to get in behind quite often

I've got certain concerns ref pace and quality to build out the back, today you could not see much 1v1 or crossing but on the other hand he was impossible to go past

JUGADOR did OK 1v1 but struggled to cover for RIVAL as there were some judgement and mobility issues -could have been penalised with another goal down

JUGADOR is highly regarded in PAIS due to his physicality and tough, intense approach which he showed again today yet in a somewhat shaky, disorganised manner leaving big gaps in behind -had DELRIVAL1/DELRIVAL2 been more proactive about this they could have really punished him

Keeps filling in at LB which is not ideal, plus tactically speaking the manager was a nightmare to work with (really, really conservative) as he would continually hold him back, force him not to get forward, maintain 4 at the back at all times etc

Kept his distances right and positioning OK but looked nervous once pressure was applied and susceptible to changes of direction, offensively he offered little and cannot really be judged there (i.e. Sakho playing LB)

Lacked reaction/power and the ability to turn quick which led to RIVALES exposing him rather easily with simple formulas, 2v1 or dragging him out of the box

Left his man have ball into feet too easily around edge of eighteen yard box

Let the ball bounce

Liked to anticipate and showed good instincts to recover and then get forward quickly though not always in an efficient, organized manner

Liked to defend and throw his body in but lost more challenegs than he won and I think his positional issues led to RIVALES getting back from 1x2 down to 3x2

Looked nervous and tentative and often got turned by DEL RIVAL who really terrorised him at times

Looks a positive character though EQUIPORIVAL's DEL RIVAL dominated him continually and controlled the box

Looks strong, positive and on the front foot but still plenty to learn and I wonder if he can kick on especially in the technical / building ou the back department

Lost his man in 2 of River Plate's 3 goals (by GOLEADOR1 and GOLEADOR2) and enabled them to go for goal rather uncontested and alone.

Made a lot of unnecessary fouls

Made a real effort but had a tough time v DEL RIVAL and he did look positionally unstable and naive at times

Made good clearances beating RIVAL for pace and marking on front foot but failed in positional situations and, in spite of his energy, height and leap, also got beaten in the air by smaller opposition which could have cost SU CLUB the equaliser

Medium size, decent for a full back but has no real engine and so his drives can be somewhat mechanical at times

Mixed display today with some confident clearances and aerial wins followed by positional errors and problems to build out the back

Mixed touch, heavy at times and while he made several recoveries he cheaply gave some of those back

Moved well and made himself available but lacked a bit of invention, timing and "surprise element" to his overlapping and didn't deliver great crosses as a result

My concerns are mostly of technical / attacking nature as JUGADOR seemed to cloud himself when approaching the final third lacking in ideas and vision

Nervous, late sometimes and not building out the back very well plus could have been red carded after a brutal kick on JUGADOR RIVAL

Nice physical specimen but still naive in contact situations and (EQUIPO RIVAL) managed to expose him 1-2 times even with just 1 upfront

Not a lot of work to do as not tested by (EQUIPO RIVAL) but still failed to fill his team-mates with confidence at the back.

Not an ideal day to see him as JUGADOR is above all a CB, he played RB today

Not at fault for the goal although clearly not at his best tonight and I felt he was too nervous, rushing things trying to force things out without the expected results

Not holding back but had too much on his hands and so his attacking exploits were few and not concrete enough I'm afraid

Not much in attacking terms -he'd make some recoveries, drive with the ball but then get clouded when reaching the final third and delivery was mixed at best

Not really comfortable on the ball, long balls abounded and you can see he is very raw and needs to learn plenty

Not so good whilst in possession though, still a bit oput of timing following his injury so in 2-3 actions I felt he should have tried and built out but instead decided to go for the long ball as if he weren't 100% secure yet

Not tested much in the air but I thought he might have been able to do a tad more for the goal (GOLEADOR RIVAL on a header from a corner) as he could have committed more and aided his team-mate who was being held down

Not the fastest to react and once (DEL RIVAL) exposed him big time receiving a dangerous ball in behind

Not the most solid display as he was operating at LB (he's undeniably a CB and has trouble when forced out wide)

Not the tallest but quite strong and filled out, good pace over shorter distances however positioning and game-reading skills let him down on occasion

Not very impressed with him getting poor signals (i.e. hesitation. weakness, poor positional play) both on the ground and in the air today

Offensively speaking JUGADOR got to the final 40 or so but then capitulated, always finding the easy sort pass and quickly getting back into position

On the front foot and looked to intercept, won some and lost some v RIVAL but while dynamic he didn't look a safe stable outlet for EQUIPO -more of an eager yet nervous type instead and could have even opened the scoring for them but clouded his vision in the last minute

On the smaller side but quite agile, energetic and with very good pace indeed -problem is, co-ordination let him down repeatedly and delivery was very poor especially in terms of the crosses he put in

Other than 2 good clearances he didnt look assured or in control, and relied quite a bit on OTRO CB his partner at the back

Overall reasonable performance in the 2nd half but did not see enough of him in 1v1 situations or trying to build out the back

Overrun at times and the opposing FWD did manage to expose him on occasion especially as a right-footer playing on the left

Pace OK for shorter distances but would struggle against someone who can really accelerate

Played with aggression and intensity but timing let him down at times and I thought he should have at least got booked but managed to escape that

Playing out the back by the (RIGHT OR LEFT) was never fluid or incisive enough for my liking.

Poor performance by JUGADOR both RIVAL1 and RIVAL2 who repeatedly exposed him, also nothing of note in offensive terms as he'd try, make himself available and get forward only to lose possession, give the ball away or produce an inaccurate pass / cross

Positioning not great at times and I don't think his building out the back was good which several times led to OTRO CB having to cover for him for a quick desperate clearance

Puyol but way short in terms of quality, pace and order to his game.

Really strong however when co-ordination was tested you could see issues with his movement, reaction and his ability to go stop/start/stop/start again especially when XXX came on

Safe and simple in possession, invulnerable in the air the problem for him was when EQUIPO used him to build out the back as he didn't look very natural or composed and several balls were given away

Seems an honest, intense, committed player with a good att/def balance yet without many ideas or quality on the ball to match

Started quite well, confident and aggressive but faded as the game continued and some defensive shortcomings arose

Still a bit heavy for me and I wonder how he would fare against quick counter-attacking opposition

Stopped 3-4 crosses and looked competitive but positionally they did catch him on the break on occasion and he didn't seem as capable on the ground

Struggled for periods especially from 10' to 50' or so as Nacional wanted to ease the pressure with right full back, Calle fighting back and leaving quite a gap behind him.

Surpassed the half way line for the first time only in the 66th minute

Tactically aware of what's around him but not the fastest to reorganise the line or close down with the left-sided CB

Tactically much room for improvement, looked a bit naive v DEL RIVAL at times and instead produced much more whilst in possession

Technically limited and building out the back was quite tortuous for SUEQUIPO because of this

Technically not too bad and wanted to build out the back however I don't think he handled risk well or was aware enough -they lost 0x2 at home and could have done worse had RIVALES not been conservative

Technique OK without being anything special, and overall you could see a player with certian attributes and a positive mentality yet otherwise quite behind and in no way an immediate target to us

Tenacious about his marking however awareness not always great and RIVALES did expose him 1-2 times by outsmarting him

The contrast between his 1v1 response (very, very good both in the air and on the ground) and his positional play was evident as he misread some situations in the 2nd half, didn't get his distances right and got carried away at times enabling RIVAL to play in behind

though took him a while to turn when DEL1 or DEL2 did manage to get in behind

To his defence XXX is a right midfield player and operating at RB sort of exposes him as timing not great, didn't stop crosses and could look acward at times when driven by a forward with tricks, experience or savoir faire.

Today he didn't have many problems with VOL DER/IZQ but he'd struggle when playing faster and more intense opposition

Too many long balls also but this is out of desperation I guess after conceding at home

Tough and loves defending but looked out of sorts sometimes

Tried to be vocal but also caught in possession once and did not look very confident in his ability

Uncomfortable in possession and could not build fluidly out the back, it was not horrific but you never got the feeling of him dominating or being an attacking factor and he'd probably have struggled against serious opposition

Urgency and commitment, liked to defend and stay close but made some serious positional errors and 3 times cleared inwards which led to 2 dangerous RIVALES plays

Very good size, 188 cm or so but a bit stiff and lacking in mobility, agility on the turn or real pace

Very nice physical specimen, pace is good and there's more to come but he was still vulnerable several times and naive to put himself in unnecessary 1v2 situations and judging wrong

Very poor throughout, timid, and slow to react to RIVALES's simple passing and overlapping lane system

Very raw indeed and I wish we had seen him defend as he never looked the more aware / organised / intelligent type to me

Was one of EQUIPO's most solid performers today though without offering anything special or that unique thing you usually get from a Brazilian full back -did his job, was intense organised and committed but without the Brazil trademark

Was vulnerable in the air

Wasn't exposed today and concealed this a bit by limited his time on the ball and curbing his tendency to over elaborate from the back

While JUGADOR offered quite a bit in attacking terms there's a clear contrast defensively as he looked vulnerable and positionally suspect at times, enabling RIVAL to often get in behind and threaten

Wish he had been more dynamic and made a bigger impact closer to the box but it looks as though he held back a bit in that aspect

Without standing out or looking the type of defender BR likes in terms of passing, flowing or building out the back

Won his fair share in the air but without even having to leap much, I suspect hed have a tougher time against better opposition as he did not really look in control of things or authoritative enough

Won some headers and flicks and got himself involved in the buildup even if not in a very fluid, coordinated manner

[ + / - ] H Midfield

Acceptable aerial game, technically just OK and I'd like to see him venture forward, be more adventurous with his passing etc but was a promising first start on the whole

All round midfield player who can do a bit of everything

Also he looked OK on the ball and able to control it protect it and involve others, however in terms of today's performance it'd be one excellent gesture followed by 2 clueless ones where he'd give away possession or execute poorly

Although with a tendency to playmake and cut infield

Average size but quite strong, aggressive and a ball winner

Cambiasso type meaning he's got qualities and gives you cover, movement and wins balls to then distribute with fluidness

Came on as a sub in the 70th minute and did OK holding wise but also managed to produce some good ambitious first passes soon after recovering

Composed distribution

Covering for XXX on several occasions and making things simple, yet tidy around the half way line

Defensively he helped out without offering too much but tactically making the effort

Defensively not tested much but the times he won it was more about positioning, game-reading skills and interception rather than going for it or throwing his body in

Did not command but, combined with OTRO CMF he delivered quite a mobile, dynamic and tireless central sector for EQUIPO out of work rate and dedication

Did not stand out or do the flashy thing but controlled things in midfield quietly and dictated the game in central areas v very poor opposition

Did OK operating alongside VOLCENTRAL and while the latter would sit deeper he'd venture forward a bit more

Didn't drive with the ball much but did a good job coming into play, organising, releasing it cleverly and giving his team fluidness despite XXX's pressure

Difficult indeed because he is not the most consistent type, but when he emerges you see class, good instincts and the ability to make the difference even if basically a central midfielder (operated 5 yards ahead of OTRO VOL sharing responsibilities with him)

Distributed well and forced the RIVALES midfielders to chase and tire, which made him perhaps the most consistent player for EQUIPO on the day

Distribution very simple but high completion rate, I doubt quality on the ball will be good enough for us but overall it was a positive display at this level by a player whos just turned 21

EQUIPO had the ball for the majority of the time, he used it well and stirred things up when necessary but was unfortunate not to have DEL1/DEL2 on an inspired day upfront as there was enough service and delivery

Filled out and looks quite developed and strong and he won more challenges than he lost, also distribution was accurate and simple

Fought hard and well v the always difficult RIVALES and didn't look intimidated, or fazed or naive and quite held his own in central areas

Gets joined in well and offers decent width down his side of the pitch

Good at closing down VOLANTE RIVAL and forcing out loose balls

Good defensive input, was proactive and tried to cut in / intercept and won the majority

Good defensive job making an effort, getting his foot in and aggressively looking to dispossess the opposing winger

Good intense battle with VOL 1 and VOL 2 down the right hand side, took up good positions and wanted to stretch / press however not calm enough when those opportunities arose

Good job in general proving a good outlet on the right

Good passing (mostly short), efficient and combining timing with awareness and discipline it was a pleasure to see someone this small and young perform with such comfort and ease

Good rhythm to patrol in midfield but also "attack" while vying for the ball and none of EQUIPORIVAL's central midfielders could manipulate the ball easily with him around

Had a busy day with a lot of movement/action from DEL RIVAL 1 and DEL RIVAL 2 but with the 2 of them being sloppy he managed a somewhat uneventful evening -only hesitant moments came at times after DELANTERO DESEC had come on

He exploits space well

He has got potential and is exciting to watch although can get really slow and I wish he were more determined, asked for the ball more

He is more for central areas than wide, not great engine but fought hard today and overall was EQUIPO's most consistent performer

He was quite mobile and versatile and willing to distribute, get the ball rolling and even get forward with decent results

Honest, intense performance in a game where the home side ruled and his influence was felt as they totally dominated things around the half way line

However he has a presence, won numerous balls, distributed simply yet efficiently and forced RIVAL to play counter-attack as they could not prevail on the half way line

However not too bad at getting forward, asking for the ball and getting those overlaps on a frequent basis (i.e. quantity)

I do feel he's got the lungs and the work rate yet perhaps not the cutting edge or the ability to punish people in the final third, and wouldn't be suprised if, in time, he would settle into a downright R/MF or even a full back

I like his interpretation of the game, he broke up the CMF 1 - CMF 2 connection cleverly, distributed well and also knew when to retain possession, take it to the side and bring others into play

Intelligent and technical quality to operate as central-attacking

Involved in all of his sides best attacking moments

Kept things simple and showed character and intensity to try and steer his side forward

Liked to come deep to get to the ball and started brightly taking up some good positions especially down the right hand side

Looks to be ok for pace when in full stride

Made a thorough contribution up and down the side, mostly in attacking activities but also making a good effort to track back and help out

Medium size bit gangly looking but competed well and covered some ground even if not in the most elegant way

Mixed performance by JUGADOR, on the one hand bright start and direct, trying to create things and taking people on however collectively speaking not great, not overly tidy and ultimately link play and that final decision in key areas suffered

Mobile with a change of pace. Direct - prepared to go on the outside

Not a traditional winger

Not great defensively (although he tried very hard), zero arial game but he grew into this match and performed very well after the 25' mark or so with some very good coverage, reading of the game and his excellent passing ability

Not great in possession, a bit robotic to me but showed good aggression and discipline, dispossessed people and was not intimidated by the home side and their continuous bombarding with penetrative passes, long balls and continual box invasions

Not the tallest (must be 5'10'') but already filled out, strong and can protect the ball while also decent technically and a good passer of the ball

Not very accurate let alone creative however he impacted the game with bite, intensity and -ultimately- various ball recoveries

Obviously no aerial game, little to no attacking input but was still one of Boca's highest-rated performers with a very good defensive display, anticipation and the ability to distribute simple and dictate the game

OK pace and mobility, did a good job up and down the flank and helped out defensively even if not an expert marker

One the one hand highly mobile, good job presing and running diagonals but without the quality to match, not many technical resources there and end product suffered -managed just one clear-cut opportunity saved by the GK and a good run on the break which was stopped for a (quiestionable) offside call

One touch receiving and distribution

Operated alongside OTRO CMF but had a bit more license to link more and become an offensive factor -which he did only sporadically

Operating ahead of VOLANTE DEFENSIVO and combining both defensive and attacking / circulating duties

Other than maybe 10' minutes in the 1H he had an easy day at the office

Overlap a lot

Picks his moments well to get joined in higher up pitch

Played with honour and committed, sacrificed and covered quite a bit for his team-mates however he never quite managed to dictate things in midfield and was reduced to reacting for the most part

Predominantly defensive-minded but led by exampel and didn't hesitate to break play and drive with the ball when necessary even if not the most glamorous while on the ball

Prepared to run down the sides

Pretty simple on the ball, cannot really get past a man and create, but did well when he kept things simple and contributed with a sound defensive effort and a decent first pass

Reaches the final third and puts in accurate crosses

Reasonable performance although lots of space and no pressure on him, distribution was alright bar the odd, getting carried away moment and even had a golden scoring opportunity saved by the GK

Recovering various and driving the team's for the first 10-15 yards.

Set deep reading the game efficiently and collecting a number of balls without much contact or having to take risks

Small in size not the most athletic but went about well and received and distributed cleverly and with diversity of choice and weight

Started as an anchor man but often advanced 10 yards to generate numerical advantages

Still small and vulnerable but avoided contact very well, distributed simply yet effectively and handled the ball well even in tight areas and v a desperate set of RIVALES player being hammered at home

Takes up good defensive positions

Very efficient and mature, making recoveries out of game reading, positioning and just clever movement and not really going for contact or having to use his physique much

Very simple and will not come forward but knew when to release, when to try a through ball for DELANTERO

Very small indeed, just 18 etc but he had no problems and held his own really well at RIVAL and in perfect synchrony with RMF on the right and LMF on the left

When he emerges you see class, good instincts and the ability to make the difference even if basically a central midfielder

Would track back but not really defend or mark or put your body in, he preferred to find spots in behind XXX and XXX and use his pace to hurt them

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

At times careless with routine passes

Average size but boasts a presence, power and is impossible to knock off but at the same time lacks agility and the type of co-ordinated motion we'd need in a midfield player

Average size but very tough and determined, he tackled well but went to the ground a lot

Blond, "German looking Brazilian" with an aggressive, intense style to him and quite hardworking yet not very fine or accurate when he had to play the through ball or the penetrative pass

Carried it well however passing for me was too simple and exceedingly sidewards. I wonder if he can be more adventurous and penetrate more

Circulation type of player, good left foot would read well and execute consistently but without offering anything special or extreme

Clever little player with work rate, some defensive exploits and acceptable on the ball but could not take that into the last third nor did he keep a high completion ratio

Could not choose well or integrate himself to the team's passing circuit

Could not dictate the game, struggling to cope with the EQUIPORIVAL's pace and agility and only coming back to life when SUEQUIPO would regain possession for a while or on set piece

Covered ground Ok but wasn't a real ball winner and EQUIPO RIVAL did win the physical battle as if they were better prepared, more developed too

Defensively aggressive but once again struggled tactically and slow to react

Defensively he had problems as not very industrious but DMF is not his preferred position, not at all

Defensively he was quite positive winning various challenges, working hard and forcing several recoveries but then he'd have trouble knowing what to do with the ball

Defensively he wasn't great and I though EQUIPORIVAL could have exposed him had LATERAL RIVAL not been so contained

Defensively not too bad this time but he still reads some situations too fast/early and lacks a bit of patience for me

Defensively Ok but once again not brilliant

Defensively speaking he tracked back OK but without much success or a lot of intelligence in those efforts

Did not get much service nor was he eager or mobile enough to make himself available or invite that service

Distribution and link up play inconsistent, he would get into combinations with XXX and XXX but would lose focus along the way

Distribution indifferent

Distribution kept safe, only one careless pass on the edge of his own box that was cut out around the halfway line

Distribution was OK but perhaps too simple and harmless

Doesn't effect the game as much from a wider starting position

Downsides for me are height/aerial game, just average pace and a certain lack of intelligence when RIVALES's most gifted men sought to retain possession and managed

Eager and active throughout however totally harmless and inefficient in his attacking exploits, not tested much defensively but is clearly not of our level

Good aerial game and defensive / destructive ability, not so reliable while in possession and it took him a while to settle into the game

Good left foot on him but held back quite a bit in attacking terms

Good mentality, knew the spots and the opportunities patrolled around the half way line and help EQUIPO regain some possession there, however not the fastest or skilled and he'd pass to the side or intend to circulate instead of taking the initiative or getting more direct

Good passing,distribution and crossing however he never quite took things further or reached the final line

Good size and shape, excellent mentality but was late for fun today, missed tackles, had issues with his distances and failed to link in as his passes were too ambitious and he doesn't seem to possess a technique to match

Had ground to take advantage of as well as 2 clear opportunities to capture the rebound and blast them in from mid range but somehow refrained himself from doing so and preferred to pass instead

Had the upper hand v RIVAL and made some recoveries but looked a bit too simple for me and often compromised the team's fluidness in midfield, also there was the odd attention / focus mistake in defensive terms which led to DEL RIVAL reaching the line once or twice

Hardly gives the ball way, high passing completion rate. But with no weight or angle to them.

Has a decent right foot and can see a pass but today he was getting deeper and deeper (to the manager's dismay as he continually gave him directions and wanted him 10 yards higher upfield) and eventually started to miss passes

Has a good view of the pitch and wanted to do things nice and tidy which he managed for the majority, but this also meant slowing down play at times, too many side passes etc

Has some qualities but isn't at all the dominating, energetic type that we'd be interested in

Has very good technical ability, can see a pass but did not do it often and the pressure from the 2 RIVALES holding mids got to him as he gave it away on a continuous basis

Having said that a bit all over the place at times, insecure and would produce a great pass after 3 consecutive losses of possession

He attempted to challenge or intercept in a way that would get his team-mates fired up, only his distribution wasn`t as sharp or consistent as it can be

He covered ground and got involved however without giving them enough fluidness or order -lots of side passes followed by an unnecessary penetrative one or a drive leading to nothing

He succeeded when he kept things simple and sideways but failed when he pushed difficult / unlikely passes or long range efforts

He was used in a more advanced / creative role which didn't quite suit him as never was he capable of taking the initiative or take care of the playmaking

I felt he had a good interpretation of the game, was clever and had a good work ethic but without a great engine or real pace and unable to switch play or really venture forward (2-3 times in the second half this became really evident as he had clear opportunity)

I wish he produced less long balls or at least were more imaginative and less hopeful about those

In defensive terms JUGADOR is no specialist and it shows, there was the willingness to track back and the physical means to do it but timing wasn't great and several times did RIVALES notice that

In my view he needs to operate alongside a real energetic one instead

It was a battle out there around the half way line, in that context not great clarity but won various challenges, went about well and had a decent completion rate without getting very ambitious with his passes

Lack of fluidness / circulation as he got very little service

Leaving quite a gap behind him

Like to start deep and mostly from the right hand side and then cut infield but for this he became rather harmless as the match progressed with the lines too far apart and him not making much of an impact in the final third

Little wide player with a certain engine and passion but very untidy

Looked comfortable in possession and a good passer of the ball though without real weight or incisiveness to it

Looked much more content taking care the DMF role

Made some recoveries out of desire and position but was beaten for pace on certain occasions

Medium size, strong runner, can protect the ball but touch was a bit heavy and so the interaction with DELANTERO 1 and DELANTERO 2 upfront lacked in fluidness and finesse

Needs to be more commanding and to add an attacking dimension to his game i.e. go for goal, try from mid range etc

Nice physical specimen, went about well with a tendency to cut in and not really push himself wide while venturing forward, he could go past 1 but then lack that eagerness to reach that final third or go for goal, in the end he looked tired and a bit passive enabling RIVALES to regain possession in the last few minutes before conceding

No sign of any real creativity or progression within his range of pass

Not composed and only stabilised a bit when he kept it simple however when passes became ambitious he missed the majority

Not his best performance today as RIVAL controlled the actions almost entirely and he was left with a lot of ground to cover and a lot of chasing to do

Not the tallest but quite strong and filled out, good pace over shorter distances however positioning and game-reading skills let him down on occasion

Not very effective today as forced to chase a lot without controlling things around the half way line just reacting to RIVALES men

Not very intelligent / sensible so for the whole "quantity" and variety he offered there wasn't enough quality to match really

Not very skilled or reliable with the ball, he preferred the side passes or the long ball and then attack space which he is quite good at

On the other hand JUGADOR did not offer much in attack or in terms of his distribution and I felt the more he wanted to be ambitious the less accuracy / timing he got

Operated behind XXX and XXX and, while he tried and got in several drives early, his influence decreased with every minute as he looked frustrated and unable to link in with the 2 upfront

Operated left of the anchor man but never quite took advantage of the ground in front of him

Passing mixed, tried quite a bit but hit the target quite little but still an honest, determined effort in a side that looked very poor

Passing neat and tidy but at times lacks incision

Picked up a bit in the second half, always good close control and a threat with that but not taking the initiative enough and quite erratic with his delivery

Playing alonsgide (OTRO CMF) (whose defensive input is next to non existent) he had trouble with the amount of ground to cover as well as (RIVALES)'s breaks via XXX and XXX on occasion

Playing as a holding midfielder in a long long team (between CB and FW probably have been 60 mts) he had trouble with the amount of ground to cover as well as RIVALES's breaks via JUGADOR 1 and JUGADOR 2 on occasion

Poor today both defensively and in possession higher up the pitch

Quality on the ball though did not match his effort and he did not seem to be the type who would orchestrate things in midfield the way

Recovering various and driving the team's for the first 10-15 yards but then ceasing participation in the team's attacks

Seems technically competent and a positive character but didn't make enough recoveries nor did he win in the air in spite of being much taller than CMF 1 RIVAL or CMF 2 RIVAL, also little to no attacking input today

Showed excellent disposition and desire, covering ground and getting into overlaps but with rather poor results an rather poor delivery

Simple in possession, didn't give it away today and overall a decent contribution but in general terms he'd need to offer more especially when he's on the ball and needs to link up play

Simple passer of the ball didn't want to over elaborate but will probably struggle against better opposition should they apply more pressure

Slight build and even if he managed to distribute well for the most part he could hardly ever progress on the pitch as that is not his playing style not was he powerful enough to get past CINCO1YCINCO2RIVALES in central areas

Small but competitive, good engine even though did not cover all the ground he could have, and I wish I had seen more quality in terms of use of the ball today

Tactically disciplined with the clear role to sit the deepest and collect balls from the CB's, adding to the team's balanced. However game reading skills failed him on several occasions leaving considerable gaps in behind

Team captain and you could see the infleunce he's got, although it remains in the elaboration, distribution and circulation not so much so near the opposing box -had 1 go at goal but with his technical ability and his right foot he should have attempted many more

Technically he offered very little and while he tried to push from the back often times his passes were incomplete and 2 shots from mid range totally out of target

Technically very poor, brute even and so EQUIPO's tidy circulation in midfield meant they were the better side here with JUGADOR chasing and tiring himself without having any impact in the game

This role deploying him wide left and having to go great lengths, pressing, stretching, tracking back does not suit him as it detracts a lot of his energy and creativeness and so his attacking exploits were limited to a few drives and never quite in control or with enough freshness in my opinion

Too little for me and he looked quite harmless, not really capable of progressing collectively linking play and quite inaccurate with his execution

Tracking back he also had some problems as JUGADOR practically had no problems reaching the final third, he looked a bit tired and nervous

Tried to be an outlet for EQUIPO who were under pressure and wanted to give him the ball to steer it out and into their own third, but he managed only 3-4 times

Trying to find the frontrunners too directly without elaborating properly

Unstructured and never quite got to the last third with a clear picture or enough accuracy in his delivery

Very good work rate as usual, moved well, made recoveries and interceptions though perhaps but not very tidy or neat with his passing and distribution

Was intense about his marking, dispossessed quite a bit and looked to progress further upfield even if not always in a fluid or intelligent manner

Was ok with his short passes as long as kept simple but completion rate decreased significantly when he attempted more ambitious things -does have some vision although execution was rather poor

Was proactive and tried to intercept but with mixed results after that

Went about well but lost some 1v1's which led to quick counters and also found himself playing it long out of pressing and desperation at times

Went about well with sense and a sense for organisation and tidy passing yet a bit one paced and perhaps overdoing it with the side passes as opposed to penetrative

Whose defensive input is next to non existent

Won some challenges v XXX and lost some, but still lacked the sparkle, the drive and positivity of last season

Worked quite hard and supported his full back but the problem was mainly about technique / coordination which ended in poor communication with COMPA1 and COMPA2 and quite a few lost possessions

Worked very hard moving a lot, pressing hard and high and forcing out mistakes however cannot say this led to real genuine scoring opportunities or better play on EQUIPO's part to be honest

Would like to see him head the ball and also go for rebounds around the box but he seemed to prefer for OTRO JUGADOR to do that instead

[ + / - ] I Attack

A threat to DEF RIVAL (got him sent off for his continual changes of direction) thanks to his low point of gravity and elusive style

Also had a goal (correctly) disallowed but in general doing well with the limited amount of service he was getting

Average size not the tallest but quite mobile and energetic and didn't capitulate even when facing 2, up to 3 RIVALES defenders

Busy . Good balance - drops a shoulder and able to skip round tackles

Busy and mobile as usual, led the line reasonably well and had 6-7 opportunities between the goal, the chances and the half chances

Calm finisher

Came on as a sub and the plan was for EQUIPO to secure possession and fluidness to bleed the opposing side out and kill them on the break

Came on late in the game, made an effort and brought more threat and presence than his predecessors had all game, but still couldn't get one properly executed scoring chance

Can decide things on the ball, make things happen 1v1, turns players with ease

Cold finisher

Combined forward dribbling, directness, ambitious passing and decent finishing

Combined well with COMPA AMF either interchanging (lefty on the right-hand side, right-footed on the left) or finding central spots, passing and distribution was reasonable and he got CB RIVAL in trouble on several occasions

Coming to the ball he was secure with his one touch chest sets back

Dangerous running into open spaces and he can finish

Did not have many opportunities but displayed more clarity and vision than most team-mates and looked incisive

Displayed good communication with OTRO ST upfront and from this society came his goal scoring the 2nd

Displayed some goal threat and was great at forcing the RIVALES back 4 to build out the back nervously and under pressure

Does not seem a footballer of exceptional potential or a technician but did well here and has a very good goal scoring record at home (31 goals this season)

Even if wasteful at times, opposition was so poor he had time to register one of the goals, make one and produce another 3-4 positive moves down the left hand side

First touch looked fairly reliable on the few occasions the ball was played up to him back to goal

Good assist to GOLEADOR 1 in the 2nd but you can see he is not one for the link play, instead he had 6 shots at goal

Good left foot on him, got the RIVALES full back in trouble and could have scored 3 had he been calmer / more structured in his game

Good movement though, seems capable of leading the line and handles himself well in the air although I ddn't see a great leap/explosiveness in him

Good movement, energy and aggression beyond his size, he will never be truly athletic but competed very well today also dropping deep sometimes in order no to be isolated

Good pace without being top and simple, fluid functional technique without being outstanding

Good shooting ability and did win twice in the air v the 2 centre backs who are both taller than him

Good through ball for DEL, decent use of his body and looks more confident in his ability, even a bit thinner and in control of his body but he did not convert the chances he had or looked technically capable of breaking the deadlock for Mexico tonight

Great energy and movement, found vulnerable spots for fun and was involved however touch / finesse let him down today including a serious miss in the 80th which could have meant the 3 points

Had 1 more chance and 2 half chances, and even if he did look awkward at times the global end product was very good indeed

Had 2 good chances one lacking in power / self-confidence, the other denied by GK but overall he was quite a handful and the only EQUIPO player to offer something different today and in a sustained manner

Had some moments, the connection with OTRODEL upfront worked for a while and included a very nice give and go for him to finish calmly for SUEQUIPO's goal

Happy to accept ball in the tight

Has a goal threat in him

He even tracked back quite a bit and helped SUEQUIPO regain possession until he ran out of steam

He had numerous attacking exploits including 7 opportunities down the right hand side which is his preferred spot to operate, also he tracked back to help and showed decent energy levels

He is no playmaker but instead generated quite a bit (often out of nothing) close to the line taking people on and usually beating them 1v1

His movement in the box is bright

I like him better in this (free-er) role than at holding midfielder as JUGADOR had quite a bit of the ball and moved it around well, also deceived on occasion and beat a man but without getting away or going for goal after that

I wish he had more company today as he looked quite inspired compared to some previous showings

Interchanged a lot with XXX and XXX often arriving freely down the left hand side

Likes to have a go at centre back

Likes to press the centre back

Likes to stretch defenses

Lone is an understatement as they really left him alone, no service and he had to battle it our against 2-3 opponents, stretch the defender, force loose balls and really work his socks off only just that he got rewarded with EQUIPO's consolation goal

Looks somewhat limited / rudimmentary but moved well inside the area

Looks to get himself in the box , can see why he gets his goals

Looks very dangerous on the counter and when the game opens up

Lovely technician and quite clever indeed, managing to get past CB RIVAL for a clear-cut opportunity which the GK aborted really well

Made a couple of excellent penetrative runs between full back and centre back

Makes clever movements towards the ball before bending runs to receive down the sides and in behind

Maybe not a lot on the ball or fed properly but instantly offered some goal threat

Medium size, slim build but quite agile mobile and difficult to control, doesn't have great technical ability but a confising, unpredictable style which made him a threat today -good interaction with OTRO JUGADOR in particular

More switched on and committed than his counterpart, he saw pretty much of the ball retained it well and you can see he has a fine left foot, certain vision and a good sense of space and organisation -only one paced

Needs a strong striker partner who played the width of the box

Not at his best (has been very sharp for the past 2 seasons which earned him the move to EQUIPO NUEVO) tonight but always a nuisance with his dynamic, athletic approach and he did contribute somehow as brought down in the box for the PK that led to the winning goal

Not great whilst playing wide but did make the effort and strectched the FB's repeatedly, you can tell he's not a beast but a positive/constructive footballer regardless

Not perfect or silky smooth but fought hard for 90' and got his way out of sheer persistence, managing to top it off with the 2nd goal -an excellent one collecting a Lodeiro pass to break the offside trap, run 30 yards with the ball then chip the onrushing GK in a fantastic way

On a posiitve note I've noticed him more direct, more proactive and quite clever to draw people on to him then find DEL1 / DEL2 with decent penetrative passes

On the smaller side but is filling out and has great goal threat

Physically very strange, runs funny, looks weak and not the fastest however he got past RIVAL practically at will, found nice spots and knew where to squeeze which made him a threat

Promised quite a bit with his turn of pace and changes of direction, generated quite a bit but delivered little in the end

Quick and direct yet inconclusive and inaccurate on the day

Read the channels well and terrorised the 2 CB's with his timely runs and his ability to drop deep and shield it for others

Received well into feet and just exploited RIVALES's defensive issues, particularly in counter-attacking situation stretching the defence and really hurting them

Set play delivery excellent - Hit in with excellent pace on ball into dangerous areas

Small size not a very athletic shape but quite agile and mobile and his movement was meaningful in the sense that often left the RIVAL CB secondguessing himself

Some ups and downs but generally quite dangerous and had several clear-cut opportunities before killing off the game with the 2nd and definitive goal of the evening

Started a bit erratic / going faster than the ball but then settled in better and started to provide some good movement, directness and some threat

Started bright getting LB - CB in trouble and stretching them to good effect, then he was credited with the assist to the only goal, however if you look closely his cross wasn't perfect and actually deflected off someone before DELANTERO GOLEADOR got on the end of it

Started predominantly on the righ and cutting in, won the majority of his 1v1`s and was a threat with his pace but I wish he had played with his head up more and delivered better

Started very bright and confident, big lad with a real presence and significant size but still moved well and was quite convincing in possession

Started very brightly looking the part and scoring early after a corner kick, then had 2-3 interesting gestures

Still competed very well for his age, moved sensibly and didn't give the ball away even if not capable of generating his own chances or producing that extra quality gestures

Still had 3-4 half chances and one good give and go which shot then required a fine GK save

Still some interesting moments with an incisive first 30' providing the dual threat of exposing the RIVALES back 3 (o 4) on the outside or playing the diagonal to get CB 1 in trouble

Streetwise, clever, turned very well and also did some great one twos with JUGADOR1 and JUGADOR2, only lacked a bit of punch to actually make that count and score

Technically he'd be casual at times and get himself in tight situations but then again when there's space he just comes alive and becomes a nightmare to the DF

The better of the EQUIPO forwards today, not very sharp or confident in front of goal but generating quite a bit for himself and for others, and moving around a lot which made him a constant threat

Took people on, was dynamic and definitely has certain pace and 1v1 ability

Trying to be his team's focal point in attack

Typical Latin talent, gifted, streetwise with a goal threat and good resources (i.e. Tevez) but needs a bit more power and directness to his game as he tends to drop to the sides or just avoid frontal contact

Very good frame and led the line well, also linked corretcly and was impossible to move by the opposition whilst with his back to goal

Very positive with the ball when facing goal

Was EQUIPO's best player by quite some margin and looked more committed -as well as more influencial, and inspired- today on the side as opposed to his rather unconvincing displays in central areas

Wasn't fixed on the target man role as he's not specifically that but shared ground and responsibilities with OTRO STR upfront and gave the EQUIPO a run for their money out of intensity, pressing and physical commitment

Wasn't particularly sharp or effective today but gave it a go while his energy lasted and still managed to get on the scoresheet -it was a poacher's goal after EQUIPO's (POS), JUGADOR failed to clear

When he did receive with his back to goal he generally did not overcomplicated

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

A bit confused while in possession and did a lot of things mechanically, without looking or understanding how to damage the opposition better

Action play, dynamic combination style didn't suit him well and only could get on the end of the ball on 1 occasion (1st goal) arriving late in most others

Although he does move alright outside the box, he's got issues changing the pace and going to the near post -doing so in a slow, rather predictable manner

Always a fighter but did not have the clarity / sharpness required to make a contribution in or around the box today and so his contribution was somewhat limited

Average size, athletic enough but based his game on pace and mobility and could not impose his presence when approaching the box

Average size, on the heavier side and was not a graceful mover more of a labourer who tried hard and threw his body in but without reasoning or creating or displaying real notions of IQ or vision

Ball retention not great and only twice did he manage to break play and drive with the ball

Beyond his goal you can say he was ineffective, missed three clear chances lacking in power and taking him ages to prepare the shot

Bit chaotic -a trend in his playing style I suppose-, lots of movement and energy but without crafting the play as it should or staying calm when approaching the box

but to be honest today's performance wasn't his brightest nor did he succeed at interchanging with OTRO STR or generating any kind of collective play upfront -he did his job as a striker who is "a handful" not an artist

Circulating type of player with some qualities such as IQ, game-reading skills and the ability to see a pass but not very involved or dominant in attacking terms

Could have scored 3 had he been calmer / more structured in his game

Did little to press the (EQUIPO RIVAL) backs in order to complicate their build out the back

Did some interchanging with OTRO FWD but not enough as he tends to prefer the left side

Difficult to assess as this game was very, very one-sided plus JUGADOR operating behind DEL1/DEL2 put him in a creative situation where he is not very comfortable at -he is a finisher, a real threat not a playmaker

Erratic, unable to be the playmaker the team were needing and also failing to comply with the physical demands of this derby game

Even if he did have 5-6 exciting, technically notable sequences JUGADOR failed at that task as he never quite liaised with DEL1 or DEL2 in a fluid manner

Failed to score on three opportunities

Failed with his first touch, looked stubborn to force 1v1's and never provided good enough delivery or link play with his team-mates

For significant periods he drifted out and was absorbed by RIVALES's marking often loking complacent when it came to finding spots, making himself available or stretching the defence

Found some good spots and got runs in behind being sent on but then failing to convert his chances as uncomfortable and with a marker close by (i.e not enough pace to get away)

Going for goal solo when he should have involved others anyway we cannot be too harsh as he put up a good fight alone upfront while his team was having a meltdown

Good effort pressing and stretching the opposition, some interesting exchanges with ENGANCHE but failed to connect with the CFWD today as if the 2 didn't have great chemistry

Good movement but could have been more clinical and also passed better but at times he started overdoing it as the game was won and the opposition was not up to the level

Good pace and often found space in behind (CB) and (L/R B) only to then not choose the better move or execute with enough precision

Good set piece taker however he never quite could be the playmaker the team needed in terms or organisation and link play, overall more of a flair than a committed influential one

Good technical ability and was difficult for RIVAL to mark however did not take full advantage of that and decision approaching the final third could have been better

Had a couple of interesting drives with the ball using his trickery to get past people but did not make the right calls when approaching the box -was dangerous and unpredictable yet not very efficient in front of goal and no real connection/sync with OTRO STR upfront

Had a few idle moments and should have tracked back faster but then he came alive again and crowned with a well taken goal from 25 yards out

Had a well balance game though well kept at bay in his attacking exploits by the XTEAMX midfielders

Had some other positive moments although often isolating himself and failing to link play efficiently -relying on inspiration and on his left foot too much

Had trouble turning and receiving v a disciplined and tough XXX defensive pairing

Has a very good leap and could have a nice enough aerial game however once again the timing of his runs wasn't the best and as a result neither JUGADOR1 nor JUGADOR2 noticed the potential to play him the ball into the box and up

Has some qualities but looked single-minded and somewhat stubborn trying to go for goal in difficult situations often v 2 or 3 opponents and in actuality he does not possess enough technical ability / pace to do that

Having said that he (as it usually happens with him) needed plenty to convert one and looked ordinary at times when the moment came to control, adjust aim and find the back of the net

He didn't look very neat or precise, the attitude and the sprints were there but not very sensible and sometimes you felt as though he lacked a bit of intelligence and variety to his options -he trusts his pace too much

He endured the physical battle but missed passes out of frustration and to me he is no playmaker, not the type who would organise htings but someone clever and very dangerous 1v1 who operates better freely off the CFWD

He found spots attacked consistently yet not always with enough accuracy or timing

He had some other interesting efforts but mostly solo/individual and I did not see that excellent pass between the lines that he normally has

He was asked to do a tactical job for the team, press and make himself available but he ended up tiring, looking inaccurate at times and clashing with RIVAL quite often

He was determined, moved well and wanted to be close to the action but never fed properly or able to create chances on his own

He was instructed to work up and down the flank and get real deep which neglected his own attacking abilities

He was supposed to interchange with DELANTERO and stretch defenses leaving room for the target man but failed thoroughly at that

he'd press, stretch the XXX defence and recover the odd ball but then would not know what to do with it

He's always had a lovely right foot, maybe not too consistent with his touch / dribbling / concentration but able to get past players and, above all, producing great balls and deliveries -lovely striking of the ball indeed

However he was quite inconclusive also and failed to make a sustained effort often stubbornly taking on another defender, and another one instead of using his vision (he does have vision)

I know the player and know what he's capable of (ideally a goal poaching)

I personally don't think he's got the touch or the IQ to operate in midfield (2nd STR on the break suits him much better) and it showed today in a crunch time final they miraculously won and no thanks to him

I wish he had been calmer and more intelligent in the final third as he created quite a bit and didn't manage to finish that in an organised / structured manner

If only had he been sharper -generated quite a bit and ran the channels well, had several opportunities and looked like getting there but finishing was indeed very poor including an unforgivable miss from a header with the GK nowhere near

Inventive play did not get him into the box much -needs to be more concrete and direct and to increase his vision when going 1v1 isn't working

Involved in 5 half-chances but without really making his presence felt or stepping into that box in a confident manner

Judgement not always the best and physically every good defender in the EPL will be able to deal with him as he is so small and short-legged that they would catch up

Judgement not always the best, and he does not seem a great passer of the ball though more of a dynamic one who needs the ball played into space but he was indeed quite interesting regardless and got MoM

Less impressive than in some of his displays last year and I tend to prefer him on the right than on the left where he seems to have problems going for the attacker's weaker side

Looked a bit static and passive for me, he penetrated maybe twice per half and could have done more.

Looked somewhat intimidated and did not take advantage of the space in behind (LEFT BACK RIVAL) down the right hand side

Looked weak in the air (lost almost every single challenge with the CB's)

Managed only sporadically as involved in the 3rd goal however he could not do it in a consistent manner

Medium size OK shape but a bit on the heavy side and had trouble getting away

Mobile yet not truly fast and whole he'd drive well with the ball he would not orchestrate things or move as well without it

More dangerous 1v1 than he was acurate with his passes and communication with COMPA1 and COMPA2 upfront looked forced an unnatural

More to come physically but does everything short and one pace, trusts his shooting ability too much and did not do enough running for me

Movement is an issue as even if he tried very hard those moves demanded quite a bit of energy from him

Moving well but cannot crystallize all the risk hinted

Nice athletic shape good lungs and movement but looked out of sync with COMPA1/COMPA2 at times as if he didn't have the same tools as them

Nice lean shape but without a huge presence and RIVAL -CB RIVAL in particular- was able to shut him down and not let him penetrate

No communication with (OTRO STRIKER) upfront

Nor was he lethal when he got in front of the GK, as if he rushed things at times or played head down

Not much learned today I'm afraid, he failed to score or perform with anough quality or finesse as to consider him a target

Not so much so in the second half as he looked a bit isolated and lacking in presence unable to lead the line or work with his back to the wall -movement is very good but he is not a CFWD through and through

On the downside, not the biggest, strongest or dominant player and for all of his movement and control I'd have wished some more goal threat, more going for goal and a bigger presence

Only 3-4 times did he manage to break away thanks to his pace and technical ability but then failed to read the situation properly and to choose the right move / moment

Only a few good movements but really not fed and failed in his attempts to lead the line

Operating ahead of STRIKER but never quite taking up the role of a real target man

Played off OTROFWD and started brightly, switched on with various great runs and diagonals catching the RIVAL defenders and finding vulnerable spots however for all of those 7-8 drives after taking on and winning, end product was demoralisingly poor as he seemed to lacked the clarity to choose and the precision to execute and ultimately he neglected those chances

Played predominantly on the right, had a lot of space and a vulnerable opponent in JUGADO RIVAL but he didn't beat him on most occasions and when he did reach the final third he was inaccurate, chose wrong and lacked a bit of self confidence also

Quick and elusive, difficult to mark indeed but no end product to his actions tonight and I was disappointed that there was no connection with OTROJUGADOR, with whom he's developed a fantastic partnership at academy level

Quite casual and so would win the ball back, stretch the defence and provide real threat only to mis-control or give the ball away rather cheaply

Red the game well and could have given the visitors the edge with a chance he missed with the score at 1x1

Right-footed playing on the left, switched to the right hand side on occasion but I don't really like him there as he tends to come inside a lot while pace not blistering to beat a man wide and go by the line

Slow, no confidence whilst on the ball and communication with (OTRO STRIKER) was nowhere to be seen.

Started wide left then was switched to wide right where he was even more influential

Started wide right soon more central trying to take care of the playmaking, but managed only sporadically

Still managed a few half chances although passing let him down on occasion

Struggled for the majority although to his defence EQUIPO were so spread out there was no connection or fluidness and he had to battle up to 3 RIVALES defenders on his own

Tall lean type with very good movement and understanding of the box however lacking in power / muscles / explosiveness to his game

Technically OK without anything special, used the ball well and didn't lose it however he'd sort of cloud himself when reaching the final third

Took up good positions and made himself available but didn't always judge well and was dispossessed on occasion for making poor body adjustments

Touch and passing inconsistent, would go from a genius backheel to 2 poor controls and an awkward turn but then again he'd find his way into the box

Touch not great, lots of energy and intensity but no real quality to match and was quite wasteful / inaccurate at times

Tried hard, was athletic and energetic (and even went too far with a couple of challenges -could have been sent off) yet without the composure to handle the ball or deal with the finishing which led to a clear-cut opportunity plus 3 half chances missed

Tried not to get isolated upfront, dropped deep and to the (predominantly right) side to interchange with OTROJUGADOR but could pull that off only on a few occasions -can't say that he lead the line well

Undeniably a big talent and playing 3 years up but he needs to do more in terms of pressing, off-the-ball work and make his team progress as a unit instead of isolating himself

Very ineffective today, failed both wide 1v1 and the times he cut in

Very talented, instinctive, comfortable on the ball, passing better short than long and lacks a bit of athleticism as he's a bit of a chubby, stocky type not your typical forward player I'm afraid

Was far more effective in center areas than he was wide (1v1) playing diagonal

Was supposed to be ABC's playmaker today but despite 3-4 quality touches he never quite took the initiative or had enough of the ball to organise things and give his side a chance

Was the best and sharpest of the 2 upfront however not a lot of aid and so not fed properly by his team-mates -looking disconnected and too far away at times

Was unable to lead the line properly and timing did let him down on several occasions

We know JUGADOR and are aware of his technical ability and his excellent shooting skills however he could hardly be a force here or use those weapons as he had issues with the pace and dynamism of the game

We know JUGADOR and are aware of his technical ability and his excellent shooting skills however he could hardly be a force here or use those weapons as he had issues with the pace and dynamism of the game

With starting position behind so deep he had to waste a lot of energy and put him in a position he's not comfortable with

Worked hard but failed to impose his presence or lead the line

Worked hard enough but grew in disconfort / frustration as the game went on, and while he had 3 fantastic penetrations into the box he never quite could produce the shot properly

Working hard and tracking back meant he ran out of steam for some attacking duties and his influence decreased towards the end when the manager decided (rashly in my opinion) to substitute him

[ + / - ] J Conclusion

1 goal, 1 assist and some interesting gestures not very consistent as a bit unstable today (impacted the game when he felt like it) but looks to have some interesting qualities. Would like to see again

A player to be monitored during next season

A step in the wrong direction for me but just 21, I know him and has some qualities -above all excellent pace- so I´d keep him on radar

A talent with lots of potential scope for further development

Also seemed to have an edge to him, something about his personality and demeanor I quite liked

Assess again when he gets a start or significant game time

Best defensive performer today, away at RIVAL in the always difficult, nerve wrecking Super Clasico. Need to get senior staff to watch him if there's a chance.

Bit of a mixed display by XXX as he gave it a go and tried many times on the right hand side

C-B for me, pace is never going to get great but we should keep him on radar.

C-B performance for me and one to keep an eye of especially after the Arsenal trial where he reportedly quite impressed Wenger but would not get a work permit

Clearly a talent and by far the biggest talent here but not very organised, constructive today and some of his antics left me wondering

Could do with 5 more centimetres, pace is reasonable not electric and you can see he's very raw but there seems to be considerable potential

Did not look great defensively but he does have some qualities namely his energy and a very good right foot, monitor in the next couple of matches

Did well on the day and looked dangerous in flashes, let's see if he starts getting playing time in San Lorenzo's first team and rises to the challenge

Does not seem a top-top player but does have something and was EQUIPO's highest rated performer on the day

Does not seem top draw but looks an entirely different player from the one that arrived from EQUIPODDNDVIENE last year and he has made a significant contribution throughout the tournament. Keep on radar

Finesse and consistency are missing at the moment but he will go to Europe and do well somewhere no doubt, if you compare to f.i. J. Navas he will not have the same touch but probably suit the English game better -lots to work on but is one I quite like and would monitor closely

Generally I quite like JUGADOR even if he does not look top draw or a real world beater

Good game for JUGADOR, every time I see him he does a tad better and learns something new however still naive / tactically suspect in some sequences and not very composed whilst in possession for now

Good job in general, would probably have got MoM had JUGADOR MOM not scored both goals

Good performance, quite fresh and good movement, and also more direct / concrete than in some of his previous showings

Good, solid C performance by a promising footballer although not suggesting enormous potential

Grade C-B and I'd keep an eye especially if he starts to slim down a bit and get more athletic as he grows up

Has some fine mental and physical attributes, not the most gifted or intelligent though a lot to learn but I'd keep on radar

He is a type of player I appreciated

I suppose we'd need to keep an eye on GK as a potential 3rd choice on a free but the size makes me wonder and he'd have to work quite a bit in coming off more and with more confidence

I would not consider him a target now, especially not at RB but definitely one to keep an eye on.

I would not write him off at this point as he's just 18

I'd keep on radar as he is clearly the best in his group

I'd keep on radar to see if there is an upward trend

I'd still keep an eye in case he kicks on as only 19

Interesting GK with 1-2 good qualities, he had stagnated for a while due to personal issues and is looking to be recovering pretty well, assess again v RIVAL on Saturday.

Interesting info learned today as JUGADOR looked sharper than before and much more focused too, following a rather disappoinging 2013/14 campaign where he'd had a huge dip in form

Interesting little player, no action required but look forward to seeing him in October

Interesting one for me, would like to see him again if possible, especially to assess him physically and how he responds against better opposition

Interestingly enough I saw a slightly more committed (PLAYER) tracking back better and having more lungs, consistency still an issue but overall a solid C on the day

JUGADOR is a player we know and like, might not be exactly for us and certain technical problems need to be adressed but in any case he is one for us to monitor closely. C grade for me today, but with B potential.

Keep an eye on especially if Arsenal do not end up signing him

Keep on radar and see how he fares when he starts

Looking forward to seeing JUGADOR at Sudamericano U15

Lucid, intense performance by JUGADOR coming on as a sub, we know him well and suppose there's scope for improvement but not to the extent of becoming an LFC target or one for a Top 4 contender in my eyes

Maybe one for us to look at if he does develop and changes his style to a less elegant, yet more committed one

Might not be for us but has some qualities, assess again in XXX's next game.

Might not be of our level but still one to keep on radar

MoM here, big potential we need to stay close and bring in on trial if possible

Monitor closely and bring him in on trial Nacional permitting

Needs to be more responsible and structured but has significant potential

No doubt about his talents, he was effective today and looks fitter but we need to follow up during his transition to first team as still quite behind at 18 years old

Normally a C player but gets a B following an inspirational performance

Not a top prospect still one to keep an eye on as he gains space within the Nacional team.

Not a top, top player but has some interesting attributes as well as scope for improvement -Id keep him on radar especially if he manages to beef up a bit and also get more intense in his approach to the game

Not an immediate LFC target but glad to keep an eye on JUGADOR in case he kicks on and adds new features to his somewhat simple, one dimensional game

Not an immediate target but I'd put him back on Monitor if he kept this up

Not enough for a grade but positive influence when he came on, a good technician and has potential but should work harder and energetic, also offer some more whilst off the ball. One to keep an eye on.

Not enough time on (26') for a full grade but did alright in terms of fluidness and organisation doing time until the final whistle

Not looking absolute top but has something, I'd try and get more viewings if he played Copa Sao Paulo / Campeonato Paulista 2014

Not much learned here, JUGADOR has some qualities and genuine potential, you could see certain improvements but not enough for me to believe he'd improve on what we currently have got

Not one extreme attribute but quite well rounded and a commanding type of character

Not spectacular or anything but one to keep an eye on due to the shortage of quality LB's around

Not the greatest or most consistent display, he didn't really see much action or interact with Silvera very fluidly but still made a big impact with the 2 Uruguay goals here -C-B grade

Not the loveliest technician to look at but I must admit this is the best single performance I've sen by him -rumours abound about Arsenal and Villareal but while he seems short in quality for the former, he might be a good prospect for the latter. I'd keep him on radar

Not top drawer but one to keep an eye on

On a positive note (JUGADOR) looked fairly inspired today, was the (EQUIPO) player with the better rating and also successfully endured a lot of fouls, tricks and physicals onto him without capitulating or looking intimidated

On a positive note JUGADOR seems to have dropped 3-4 pounds and still asked for the ball, made himself available, executed various set pieces -the thing for him is to get his confidence back and work towards playing a more direct, concrete version approach as opposed to today's static one. Keep monitoring regardless.

Once again bits and pieces here but we should still monitor him closely

One of the better EQUIPO players on the day and has some interesting attributes, no immediate action required but would monitor locally if possible

One of the few EQUIPO players to show up and try something today however not many indications of top level here and will have to work on his fitness, be mentally quicker and release the ball earlier if he wants to succeed on a senior level

One to keep an eye on this season. Talented boy, needs to add consistency to his game

Overall a decent enough display, not enough for a B grade for me as "intellectually" / playing IQ wise he does not look our type but still an interesting footballer GS and myself should keep on radar I think

Pace is a concern and today everything was ultra easy for him due to the opposition being so poor and young, let's see how he fares with the U18's this season

Playing U21's he's really commanding and in control of things but these are his very few first senior appearances and he's holding his own quite well indeed

Positive contribution today, might lack a bit of quality and finesse but looks a real dangerous player one to keep an eye on

Positive improvement for me, I don't think he's got the right mentality but potential is high and deserves secondary attention if anything

Promising performance in a really tough, demanding game, monitor to see whether he gets more assured in attacking terms

See again regardless because he's got loads of natural talent and is rated among the best 2000's in the country

Showed a superior level than the rest of the team, very intelligent and committed throughout the match. A player to be monitored very close

Still flashes of his ability, an assist plus 2-3 more classy gestures for an acceptable overall display.

Still monitor as he is making considerable progress and only 20 y.o

Still not 100% match fit but left me a good impression as if he were resuming where he had left. Keep on radar

Still one for us to stay close to especially if he does walk out a free agent in June 2015

Today he didn't shine but provided a valuable effort so his team could come away with a perhaps undeserved win here

Was a B performance didn’t make many saves to make it a A performance did well again

We know JUGADOR well, acknowledge him as a high scoring youngster and obviously will keep an eye but overall do not feel he's got enough quality for us or the style to suit our own. Credit to him though for scoring in the final, ending as Colombia's top scorer and getting away with another trophy continuing a highly productive trend since 2012.

Would not be a target for me at this point but no harm in keeping an eye on him

Would not mind keeping him on radar and see if he can overcome those technical concerns

Wouldn't mind keeping an eye in the upcoming 2 games v RIVAL 1 and RIVAL 2

XXX is a skilled little player with potential but technique is not everything and he should add quite a few things to his game to actually interest us

/////////////////////////// NEGATIVE /////////////////////////// NEGATIVE ///////////////////////////

2 sides to his performance I guess, first time I see him and there's a couple of qualities but looks very raw and all in all not really the special, unique prospect we'd be interested in

A physically impressive defender with a good attitude but far from our standard in the vast majority of aspects

A step in the wrong direction for me and no evidence to suggest that he'd be of our level

A substandard performance on the whole and cannot see him being a top draw one.

All in all decent performance on the day but does not possess any special attributes that would make us truly interested

All in all it was a decent performance by JUGADOR and reasonable for the local scene however far from our standards plus he'll soon be 25 years old

Already 24 years old and way short of what we require technically and in general attacking terms I`m afraid

An improvement compared to his previous outings but looks somewhat simple and generally a bit short of what we require

Below-par by his own standards, not a performance that would warrent further interest but knowing JUGADRO there is huge potential there and wouldn't write him off this early

C grade from a reasonably interesting player but not solid enough and hardly going to reach the levels of quality and dependability required to play for LFC

Can't get a grade here but in any case JUGADOR is not a player for us by any means

C-D for me and quite alarmed at the little (if any at all) progress GK has made since his loan move to EQUIPO

C-D grade and quite an alarming display for me this morning

Combined defensive and attacking movements but not enough ability to attract the top clubs in Europe. Has some abilities but not for us.

Decent cameo appearance for JUGADOR on the day and some promising signs but he still does not look Atlético de Madrid level -or ours for that matter

Decent little player and very sound on the day however not top draw and technically short of what we require

Despite his energy and dynamism I didn't find him interesting or a potential candidate for us in the future. Looked somewhat limited

Did better than in his previous showing however not fully in control and not tidy / neat in the way we like

Did not impress me specifically on the day and does not seem a top young GK in my view

Did not look anything special to be honest though not enough time on to make a comprehensive report. Check again if he's starting

Did not seem of LFC standard on the day

Did not show any outstanding qualities in this game to be honest

Did OK and was one fo the few EQUIPO players with good grades today however did not look of the quality or extreme potential that we are currently looking for. A bit simple / mechanical for me

Did OK but without impacting the game enough or enabling them to cut the deficit. Has some qualities but not really top or designed for the EPL in my eyes

Did OK on the day but looks a bit off our current requirements

Did OK on the day without standing out and I think defensively he does not have the energy or dynamism to think of him as a potential candidate to play in England

Did OK today and has 1-2 good qualities but looks far from top-top especially in the offensive part of the game

Did OK today and you must appreciate his determination but looks way off our level at the moment and not really designed for the BPL

Did well on the day with a committed, honest performance and a couple of nice clearances without really impressing or meaning he'd warrant serious interest

Didn't show any distinct qualities whilst on the pitch today to suggest he'd be a target

Disappointing today but I'd like to see JUGADOR again and playing centre back, if possible

Does have some abilities and today's must have been his best performance but needs to do more and apply himself to warrant our interest

Far from our current standards in my eyes

Good athlete but was naive and slow to react on several occasions as well as partially responsible for the first goal, we know JUGADOR well and he is better than this however all in all he seems to lack the intelligence / game interpretation to be a target

Good attitude and your typical never-say-die approach but looked quite short of what we currently require

Good enough player by local standards, seems to have a lot of heart but this doesn't seem enough for us to really consider him a target

Good first half and some interesting attributes yet not the most consistent display

Good for this level and will probably move on to a better league but looks short of what we require espeically in a creative role in midfield

Good in the air and looks a good character, positive, vocal but today's performance wasn't at all a solid one and I wouldn't think he's got enough potential to interest us

Good left foot, industrious style and tacticlaly important for his team but felt short of what we require at least today

Good little player, not a great night for him and, overall, probably not good enough for us despite his good intentions

Good mentality and desire but without quality to match, not really LFC material on this showing

Good mentality, fighting spirit and has improved physically (I'd say 182 cm and 75 kg) but without quality to match

Good performance on the day by an interesting CB Conmebol wise however not reaching immediate LFC target status in my eyes

Good performance, good goal etc but does not look of the level or show anything extreme for us to consider him a target

Good player but might not develop into a top one, nevertheless he'll move to Europe as soon as his agent finds him a suitable club

Good, imposing performance today against awful opposition but might be short of what we require or to play the way we like

Great competitor and the coach here seems to like him, but generally he was poor again today and clearly not of our standard

Had a reasonable performance with some highlights though maybe not at the same level or with the same sheer promise that he'd shown maybe last year

Half the player he was until the injury and it seems to be taking him quite some time to get back to 100%

Has many admirers outside Argentina and will probably move on in the summer but at nearly 24 he does not seem capable of ever making an LFC reinforcement candidate.

Has some interesting characteristics but did not strike me as the energetic man we would need in midfield, overall not a target compared to what we've got

Has some interesting, innate abilities but would have to do more to warrant serious interest

Has some qualities (mostly of physical nature) but does not look like the high-potential prospect I'd push to become a target at the moment

Has some qualities and has been an impact sub for EQUIPO this season but at 23 this might not be enough in terms of JUGADOR ever attracting top European clubs

Has some qualities and your typical Latin approach but overall short of what we'd require quality wise

Has some qualities but needs to be reported on as a central defender

He is clearly better than this but still, if you analyse him tool by tool and attribute by attribute he strikes you as one who is good for Ecuador or some CONMEBOL environments yet quite short of what we require

He certainly looks a good defender, strong, committed and aware throughout. Has good abilities but not for us.

He certainly looks a good player but every time we see him you get the feeling he's done much less than he could actually offer

He did OK in general but far too small and Latin to ever interest us to be frank.

He does have (innate) talent however his contribution today was close to zero and his approach was half-hearted to say the least

He surely will move on to a top league even if not attracting the greatest clubs due to his less than glamorous style

He was one of the better, highest-rated performers for the visitors tonight but that is not enough in my eyes

He's got some qualities we like (i.e. pace, work rate, unpredictability) but didn't look technically of our standard on the day

Honest and committed defender with potential to establish himself as a regular here but very little suggesting a top level full back

Honest little footballer with a good undertsanding of the game and work rate, not for us but I suppose could do well in Portugal/Greece/Turkey etc.

Honest no nonsense defender who is still young (just turned 20) however you can't really see top draw material in him I'm afraid

I didn't see anything to suggest he'd be a potential target.

I don't think he's got high potential as physically the handicap is considerable but he was excellent today indeed

I doubt he fit our style or meet Brendans technical standard as he is a bit of a strange type

I know JUGADOR very well, he once was a "prospect" highly thought of by EQUIPO but he keeps flattering to deceive and delivering much less than he should. A clear no for me

I know JUGADOR's been offered to us but know him well and cannot see him ever being a target for us I'm afraid

I'd imagine he'd reach the Brazilian 1st division but after that not really kick on into a top, top player

Interesting little player, has something but this might not be enough for him to become a target. Should be more clinical too!

Is a constructive young player with decent capabilities, both physical and technical but that finesse is missing for me

Is surely widely known by our department, pros and cons are well understood by now today he proved he can compete at this level and do OK but all in all not the type of player or performance to suggest higher ambitions.

I've know JUGADOR for years and know what he can and what he cannot do, and while he might eventually make a move (to Italy, or a lesser European league) he is not top draw material, not fast enough either and also not the type of player for the system Brendan is trying to implement. Honest and tough but unfortunately not good enough for us

I've seen JUGADOR before and he is clearly better than this

JUGADOR can do more / better than this but the series I suppose were won and the opposition, mediocre to say the least

JUGADOR has qualities and is a difficult one to hold / mark however not really designed for the English game nor of our current standard I'm afraid

JUGADOR is a good player and will probably move to Europe now in the turn of the year but it will not be to a top club or a top league, he's got a big heart and I appreciate him but technique and general talent are just shy of what they look for in Europe's most competitive environments

JUGADOR is a much better player than this, but you can see he is central and no full back by any means -he was used there in an emergency due to LATERAL TITULAR´s suspension

JUGADOR is a player we know well and an Ecuador international, while he has potential he is not kicking on to the expected level and I just cannot see him suited to a league like the EPL

JUGADOR is being chased by all te top clubs in Argentina I do like some of his features a lot but unfortunately envision problems with his pace in terms of him playing C/MF in such demanding league as the EPL

JUGADOR is highly thought of by CLUB today was certainly the best performance I've seen by him but while he could do well there and eventually in places like Portugal I can't see him being suited to us or able to improve a top EPL club

Just 3-4 flashes is not good enough for us or by his own standards

Just a hardworking team player with a good attitude but way off our level in my view

Lacks a bit of power at this point and more consistency to his game, his off the ball and defensive response in general need to improve but still looks quite an interesting player having been one of 2-3 EQUIPO players not to have failed in this tournament

Leandro is filling in for JUGADOR TITULAR HABITUAL and making his best effort but this will probably enable to play 1st div football somewhere else not with Boca -and I can't see him ever attractign us with his limitations. Didn't embarrass himself on the day though.

Looked quite ordinary to me

Looked somewhat limited to me regardless of the tenacious, physical approach today

Looks an interesting player, no urgent action required but would like to see how he develops

Made the difference and got MoM today but still wasteful at times, not really designed for English football and generally probably not good enough for us

Might go to a lesser environment in Europe and do OK.

Might not be a target now but did well on the day and has 1-2 interesting attributes, I'd wait until we can safely write him off eventually

Might not be for us but decent on the day and I'd like to wait a bit before writing him off as he's only 20

Might not be for us but has to be acknowledged today

Might not be top level but worth monitoring and did pretty well on the day

Mixed performance

More of a kid for local markets / Mexico etc than for the top European leagues in my eyes

More of the same with XXX

More of the same with XXX good capabilities, both physical and technical but without consistency

Needs to produce more on the pitch and change his attitude if he wants to warrant our interest

Nice little player to look at but quite ineffetcive today and you get the feeling that hardfought, high tempo finals like this do not allow him to fully express himself. I doubt he'd be of our standard

No new grounds really to make JUGADOR an immediate target I'm afraid but wouldn't hurt to keep him on radar for the moment

No urgent action required

Not a brilliant display but has something, he's been an Argentina U15 and U17 international and there seems to be material to work with, only probably not for a Top 4 EPL club. Keep on radar anyhow

Not a target at this point but will try and see him again soon.

Not enough of an impact, too many side passes for me you can tell he's got qualities but C-D grade overall and not making any progress

Not for LFC on this evidence

Not for LFC on this showing

Not for LFC on this showing

Not for LFC on this showing or in general I'm afraid

Not for us on this evidence just a good defensive effort for the South American stage but short of what we require

Not for us on this evidence regardless how quick he is

Not for us on this showing and just generally not of our level

Not for us on this showing I'm afraid

Not good in attacking terms as wasteful on several occasions and poor execution, overall not a performance that would warrant further interest by us

Not really desigend for the EPL, not a lovely technician but great courage, intensity and interpretation of situations I'd be surprised if they didn't sell him now only he'd probably join a QPR type not a true Top 4 candidate due to his playing characteristics and his physical handicap

Not really for us in spite of today's stellar display

Not the type of player wed be interested in at the moment in my view

Not too bad but not the best by JUGADOR's own standards and you get the feeling that he has a lot to learn. Might be short of the level for us

Not very inspired today or close to the goal (threat), he is clearly better than this and I suspect he'll play more central next week in the home leg

Nothing really suggest he would be of interest

Nothing spectacular but quite steady and efficient, does not look to have great quality or an attacking dimension but overall an honest, competent job. No action required at this point

Nothing to be overly excited about but would like to keep him on radar for the moment

On this performance he did not show anything suggesting he would be a potential target

Once again flashes of brilliance but in a forced, unispired way as opposed to the positive SD we know from Cerro Porteño

One of the few JUGADOR players to show up and try something today however not many indications of top level here and will have to work on his fitness, be mentally quicker and release the ball earlier if he wants to succeed on a senior level

Only 22 and seems to possess decent fundamentals but probably too small and having no command of his area I could not picture him in the EPL

Only flashes of talent and a goal today but that is not enough for us I'm afraid.

Other than that quite rudimentary, slow and unable to turn pace despite the goal and the good efforts making recoveries he did not look very interesting

Overall a decent display by JUGADOR though still not a quantum leap in terms of kicking on to be of real LFC interest I'm afraid, but worth monitoring to see if MISMOJUGADOR can build on this

Overall a reasonable performance by a good LB by local standards but not solid enough and overall short of what we require currently

Overall a reasonable performance in a team that came here with the objective of salvaging a point and didn't manage. I can't say JUGADOR's recent performances in EQUIPO's first team are very encouraging for me as if he weren't really taking off or building on his confidence.

Overall a reasonable performance, you can see some interesting attributes but nothing that would warrant real LFC interest as quality might not be ebough

Overall a very competent display today, good for this level and will move to Europe soon enough however not one to meet our standards as an EPL top 4 contender I'm afraid

Overall decent performance by a decent little footballer but not one that would warrant out interest in my opinion

Overall didn't quite look the level and was less nteresting for me than the other EQUIPO attacking players

Overall good intentions but looked somewhat short in quality for what we currently require

Overall nothing for us to be excited about at least in today's showing.

Pace acceptable not great and while he does very well locally in Colombia (won the league last season) general quality might not be enough for a top Prem side or ourselves for that matter

Pace and general attitude are good but I can't see much quality and physically he seems to be giving out quite a handicap being so short and chubby -not one you'd picture suiting the English game

Pace OK but is more cerebral than actually fast, in general a decent footballer with good technical qualities but lacking in power / explosiveness / aggression for the top European leagues in my view

Personally I cannot see JUGADOR becoming a top player or really fitting into our plans / style but he does have some innate qualities and those might still take him places

Powerful athletic Colombian CB who's transforming into a crowd favourite here but quite unccordinated at times and just short in quality for me. C-D grade

Reasonable effort but far from anything that would warrant our interest

Reasonable -not perfect- performance, has some qualities but would have to kick on and improve in certain areas to really become a target

Reasonable performance and technically a decent player but would have to show much more to reach our current levels

Reasonable performance on the day but somewhat limited and does not look capable of really kicking onto our current standards for a wide player

Reasonable performance on the day however not the type of CB I really appreciate or fancy, and would not really suit our style if he does not develop his timing and general movement. C-D grade for me

Same as recently -big potential yet not many concrete signs / indications that he's kicking on to our standard

Scored the goal and had 2-3 interesting momens but didn't seem to me a real European type or someone with enough power or directness to succeed at a level higher than this -will be interesting to see if he makes it to EQUIPO's first team and how he kicks on there but honestly I can't see LFC potential there

Size not great but good energy and bite inside, technically just OK but very important to his team and I can see him succeeding somewhere in Europe -only probably not a top 4 EPL contender. B grade for a C type for me

Small size average build and though suited to the domestic and maybe some neighbouring markets (i.e. Argentina, Colombia) he would struggle in that role at the highest level in Europe

Solid C and is the fighter type that one likes and appreciates, however pace and coordination are quite a big issue and I doubt those will enable him to kick on to a top draw one

Some highly appealing attributes here and we should continue monitoring him as he'll surely be moving to Europe in the summer

Still quite interesting in some moments and I wonder if JUGADOR can build on this and find a more authoritative, committed self which would make him a real good player?

Substituted as totally worn out but despite his efforts his contribution was not one to lead us to believe he`d be of our level

Technically a good little player, he seems to have some clarity and intelligence but needs to do more in order to warrant interest.

Technically and "intellectually" not top level in my eyes, he might be able to kick on and move on to better things but probably not to our level due to the aforementioned shortcomings in his game

Technically just OK all in all acceptable display but I didn't feel Brayan was a top GK

There are some physical concerns (170 cm tops) and the fact that he'll soon be 20 years old, but we should keep in mind that Venezuelan football is nearly semi-pro and it's only natural that he looks a bit behind as not properly coached or developed there

To be honest he showed nothing to suggest he'd be a target for us.

To be honest not the quickest or with enough technical ability to attract the top clubs in Europe. Has some abilities but not for us

Together with OTROJUGADOR the only EQUIPO players of note today, might not be a target for us but deserves a mention

Unfortunate game for us to check on JUGADOR but while we cannot give him a grade today he is generally a "B" in my book. Monitor

Unfortunately he is not the EPL type but a promising 18 year old qith some serious qualities nonetheless. I'd keep monitoring him

Usually one of the better domestic players in Uruguay at present but this was quite an off day and at nearly 23 I'm concerned about him not really kicking on

Very eager and a hardworker indeed, he competed well and sort of rearranged his game once COMPAÑERO came in, but still a bit of a sloppy performance by JUGADOR especially from a technical viewpoint

Very good on the day, almost impossible to get past but looks somewhat limited and not a fully equipped footballer

Very promising GK nonetheless but some concerns are not going away unfortunately

Way off our standard in my view

Way short of what we require

We know "JUGADOR" very well as, incidentally, I was who brought him to Argentina in the first place, we believe there's potential but also some hurdles he'll have to overcome at Estudiantes in order to really kick on

We know him well and despite the exciting left foot it looks more and more apparent that he will not reach our standard. Will turn 25 in 2 months

We know JUGADOR quite well and he's known by his pace and acceleration but personally I can't see him really kicking on to the kind of level we are after, especially in conceptual / intellectual terms

We know JUGADOR well and are aware of his pros and cons and at this point it's all but clear that he's not of our level

We know JUGADOR well and while technically he was the best of the 22 in here you could not say he's maturing as a player or tuning into the solid one that would warrant real consideration on our part

We know JUGADOR well from the Uruguay underage NT's but while doing OK locally with SUEQUIPO he seems to have stagnated as not having added any new dimensions or tools to his game

We like JUGADOR and are aware of his qualities, but today he was awful and raised concerns over his confidence when things go sour as well as his response coming off the line

Will not give him a "D" grade because I know him, he's better than this and he also plays CB whereas today at DMF he had a lot of problems

Will play in Portugal I guess, at 24 I can't see him warranting any further interest personally

Would be good if JW/DV could keep an eye on him whilst at Atlético, but from afar not as a real target

Would have given him a straight D but we know JUGADOR and he does have some characteristics to at least be aware of him even if he didn't look LFC material

Would not be one for us on this evidence

[ + / - ] K Plays

A great gesture where he feinted and avoided the ball so JUGADADOR could grab it and score the 2nd goal

Actually his goal came as a result of a quick reaction beating the 2 CB's to a rebound

Almost wins the game for EQUIPO with a clever effort anticipating his marker to the near post and hitting on the volley (RIVAL GK denied)

Also he had his penalty kick saved by GK RIVAL but that was in fantastic fashion as JUGADOR had taken the penalty well nothing to feel sorry about

Also he was unfortunate to score an own goal for, once again, rushing into the challenge and being unable to take his foot off before it bounced in

Also JUGADOR scored the opener from a corner kick -someone deflected the ball accidentally and he slotted in comfortably on the rebound

Also other than a fine volley and 2 good drives into the box not seen by the passer is a bit too little for such a skilled, technical footballer to show for

Also set up the 4th with a clever back pass where he faked putting in the cross and just saw JUGADORQHACEGOL coming in behind him and deceived everyone with his backheel

Although replays suggested the second-half substitute may have been in an offside position

Ambitious attempt

Best opportunity for him was an aerial ball he won in commanding fashion, then oriented his control well (to go straight for goal) and shot but the Algeria GK denied him.

Big mistake when committed a handball in the penalty box.- Had his hands raised in what is termed as unnatural position I could see why a penalty was awarded

Bit unfortunately that the ball deflected off him for a last-gasp own goal

Broke the offside trap, dribbled the GK but then lacked power in his left-foot finish as an opponed cleared on the line

Came on as a sub and was deployed wide right in a 5-man line down to 10 men with the objective of parking the bus and maintain the 0x0 scoreline

Came on at half time trailing 0x1 and was direct, trying to find vulnerable spots (saw several in behind XXX but exploited those only 2-3 times)

Came on in the XXth minute for XXX

Came on late in the game

Came on late in the game, played for about 15' therefore gets no grade

Can and should have done better

Caught crosses

Changed at HT

Coming in the back post

Coming in the near post

Controlling a header on his chest 25 yards from goal, XXX let the ball drop and then – with two (RIVAL) players closing in – unleashed an unstoppable left-foot volley that crashed against the crossbar before bouncing down and into the net.

Converted the penalty for the levelling goal too

Could have closed down a bit for the goal (COMPAÑERO made a crucial mistake heading it towards the centre which surprised anyone but the DELANTERO RIVAL goal scorer) but wasn't that responsible

Could have got red carded too

Did get booked though

Did not win wide very often but when he did, he made the whole play for EQUIPO's goal -a very nice gesture beating a man and nutmegging another before putting it in the middle for (JUGADOR Q HACE EL GOL) to score on the rebound

Early on he tried to chip the GK but the latter managed to go back and tip it away, also a good diagonal followed by a thunderbolt was saved by the GK

Earning a booking

Even when the opposition got down to 10 men

First goal was a bit of an opportunistic one capitalising on the GK's slow reaftion to come off, Second was a nice effort which he started by pressing, forcing out a mistake then playing a give&go to beat the CB to the ball and slot in comfortably before the GK got to him

First goal was a good collective move catching RIVALES on the break, he faked to go into the box and stopped then met the cross and hit it on the volley

For the first half he'd stay close to the touch line in a 4-3-3 but then would switch to one of 2 AMF's behind the STR

For the goal he might have covered the line better going from the near post towards the centre when RIVAL got to head it

Gets the assist for the 3rd goal thanks to a well played, well executed 2v1 with COMPAÑÉO although he can offer more -not sure if it's the position though as he should be much better as an AMF or even wide left

Give it to (PLAYER 1) who in turn played it through to (PLAYER 2) for the 2nd goal.

Goal was OK taken getting on the end of a cross from the left but once again mis-hit it and was lucky to have gone in

Good also after the break with 2 more drives, a shot off the bar (very good counter-attack again and clever chip of the GK) and also tracking back and being involved in other areas f.i. clearance on the line

Good effort breaking into the box and finishing with great belief

Good shot just inches wide

Got 3 clear cut opportunities non converted out of a certain cockiness and trying to unnecessarily chip the GK

Got a great header in that came back off the bar

Got a massive standing ovation when switching sides after half time

Got booked and could have been sent off

Got more confidence and contributed with a fine through ball for XXX then a lovely goal all by himself

Got substituted early in the 2nd half.

Got the 3rd with a good far post header

Great reaction

Had 1 chance following a mistake by RIVALES however looked nervous and close-eyed to take that chance

Had 2 big chances one of them could have gone in had he not got in the way of someone else's shot, he wasn't the most structured or organised in his execution

Had 2 clear chances off that one just wide and one saved by (GK)

Had 2 clear-cut opportunities (11:30, 29:50) which he missed due to heavy touch or poor body adjustments, also he had 2-3 awful controls -even falling flat on his back in the last one of them- which detracted from JUGADOR's proverbial commitment and work rate

Had 2 clear-cut opportunities one of which was saved by the GK in great fashion, the other lacking a bit in belief and effectiveness

Had 2 good crosses in and an effort from mid range, was capable of getting past 1-2 but without really damaging the opposition there, and still cause problems while tracking back

Had 2 half chances as well as one fine drive through the left however delivery was poor as his left foot lacked accuracy and focus

Had 2 positive sequences in the first half but seemed to lack power and confidence in his ability to follow through plus he looked somewhat chaotic and nervous when the ball was lost and he had to track back

Had 2 shots at goal one of which was venomous and just inches wide

Had 2 shots on goal plus a FK saved by the GK

Had 3 solid chances and opened the scoring via a flying header beating (DEFENDER) to the ball and leaving him stranded there

Had a big tactical error clearing towards the wrong side which could have compromised (EQUIPO)'s lead

Had a big technical error retaining too much the possession losing the ball which could have compromised (EQUIPO)'s lead.

Had a clear chance and would have got an assist for a 3rd goal had he not got selfish and go for goal from an impossible angle

Had a good chance himself but failed to unleash it fast enough and was blocked

Had a good opportunity which he squandered due to controlling poorly

Had a shot parried by the GK in the first half and then another poorly aimed one which could have been the 2nd goal but overall not very prolific and could never dictate

Had a super solo effort half way into the 2H however once again lacked that finesse for the final pass had he done it it'd have been 2x0

Had another 2 chances and did produce a few things on the break exploiting his mobility and directness however being naive at times and lacking vision to involve others

Had another good solo effor as well as a well played diagonal which he could not turn into a shot on goal, but he was quite lively and positive in that 1H nonetheless

Had one chance from the edge of the box which was dangerous but maybe lacking a bit in power / belief

Had one fine opportunity where he'd chip it over his marker, create space and volley it but the left-footed effort went wide

Had one half chance that could have been serious but it took him ages to prepare the shot

Had only 3-4 plays of note including a shot at goal which lacked a bit of self-belief and though very talented not quite inspired on the day

Had some bright moments including his team`s 2 goals -inside 3-and-a-half minutes and in the same fashion, coming from behind to lose the marker and find the top corner

Had the misfortune of producing an own goal (not much he could have done to prevent it)

He got fouled for the PK -which he converted- to open the scoring

He had 2 shots at goal he missed both (one wide, one over the bar)

He had 6 shots at goal (5 on goal with a right-footed effort just inches wide in the 1H) and the 4th goal which was indeed a nice one hitting it on the volley from 20 yards out

He had defensive issues especially in the first half -including giving away a silly, silly penalty for the game opener

He had his penalty kick saved by ARQRIVAL but that was interesting as JUGADOR had taken the penalty well nothing to feel sorry about

He had one chance missed for being nervous and awareness wasn't the most consistent

He produced a super dangerous low cross that no team-mate connect

He scored the opener on 8' capitalising on a rebound (big mistake by RIVALES goalie) and looked brighter and more dangerous than we've seen recently, as if this Uruguay U20 team at home had "contagious powers" or something

He was booked for a late tackle on XXX should be punished with a straight red card

His goal came from a Mexico corner kick on a long drive beating the defenders for pace and finishing very calmly

His goal was beautiful as he finished a very good collective play by the EQUIPO team

Hit the woodwork

Hugh atmosfere

Impressive one-touch finish

In fact JUGADOR QUE LO REEMPLAZO did much more than him the little time he succeeded JUGADOR on the field

In the clearest-cut opportunity he was beaten to the ball (and thrown down with ease) by the opposing GK in the 44th minute

JUGADOR is currently on loan here from EQUIPO, I suppose they'll want him back next season

JUGADOR lost possession during attack-defense transition then RIVALES took advantage of a defensive confusion/mess in a quick counter-attack good handled by JUGADOR RIVAL

JUGADOR restored EQUIPO's lead with a header from a corner

JUGADOR's cross - utilising the outside of his right boot - was brilliantly weighted

Late in a second goal

Left full back in a back 4 but after 2-3' he was already a wing-back with a lot of freedom down the flank and little to no pressure from VOLANTE RIVAL

Left the opposing back 4 stranded on a break and beat the GK to chip him as he was coming off

Made the first in a good combination with COMPAÑERO, then scored the 2nd himself in a fine solo effort beating 2 opponents and chipping the GK

Maybe the worst was when he failed to clear and enabled GOLEADORRIVAL to open the scoring for RIVALES as it all became very difficult for his side after that

Missed a clear chance receiving a good cross but unbelievably shooting off target

Missed a heading at the beginning of the match which could have compromised EQUIPO's lead but was rescued by the referee who blows his whistle (a non-existent foul of RIVAL on JUGADOR)

On the smaller side but very good powerful legs, real quick which put him in front of the GK twice but he failed to make the right call on both occasions

One brilliant ball in behind for DELANTERO which was squandered

One brilliant effort practically on his own line

Open the scoring -nice well taken shot past the GK after a give-and-go

Opened the scoring with a solid receive-control-turn-whack it effort and had 3 more shots on goal plus was a constant threat for the 2 RIVAL CB's

Other than that he had 2 half-chances in the first half mostly running the channels and trying to get on the end of the cross but came short on both occasions

Overlapped and delivered

Overlapped and put cross in

PLAYER was given a straight red card for RAZON

Probably due to the scoreline and the 10-men situation he looked rushed and inaccurate on some occasions

Produced 3 very good passes, one of them a brilliant through ball not met by no. 9 but then lost the plot and had a highly quiet, negative, "conversational" second half display

Ran the diagonal on the break to meet a lovely (JUGADOR ASISTIDOR) through ball and finished with his left-footed shot sliding past the GKs hands

Reaches the ball by line and then sent in a cross back to (STRIKER)

Reaching the final third and even having a clear-cut opportunity for himself on XX'

Retained too much the possession losing the ball.

Score a wonder goal by a sensational shot

Score the equilizer

Score the leveler

Scored an excellent one collecting a Lodeiro pass to break the offside trap, run 30 yards with the ball then chip the onrushing GK in a fantastic way

Scored EQUIPO's 3rd goal (and the last of the game) via a header that wasn't properly dealt with by the GK

Scored his goal in a marvellous way, finish to the top corner in a gesture that reminded me of Ronaldo (small Ronaldo) however it has to be said that he looked offside and that goal should have been disallowed

Scored the EQUIPO's goal, a well taken one breaking the offside trap and chipping the GK in a decent enough gesture

Scored the opener

Scored the opener on his own after a 50 metre drive then nutmegging the GK in a quick, incisive counter-attack

Scored twice. Both were headers -first your regular one without having to jump much, second in the last few minutes showing desire to beat his man and sidehead it to just make the upper corner in a fine solo effort

Second goal was again a fine left-footed strike this time from a direct FK right before half time

Simple, uncontested finish afterwards

Started quite slow today, struggled for 5' then made one classy/distinct move

Started quite slow today, struggled for 5' then made one classy/distinct move, missing again and then after 5' another excellent run timing it very well and displaying vision to try and surprise the opposing GK from 30 yards out, then another very clever combination with COMPAÑERO... until he saw the marching orders

Started wide left but with the result 1x0 down and JUGADORLESIONADO's injury he was moved upfield after the break

Still had 1 fine clearance showing great desire, and then the goal (once again a match-winning headed one away from home like v Boca Juniors)

Still had a concrete contribution adding another goal to his tally scoring from the penalty spot in the 51th

Still had a concrete contribution with a fine assist for the second (EQUIPO) goal (excellent through ball to (JUGADOR QUE HIZO EL GOL))

Stopped 2 crosses

Substituted in the 67th minute

Surprisingly his touch let him down when he had an opportunity late on to seal the win

Team was a total shambles but out of the 4 goals he was partially responsible for 3 -the 2nd was an inevitable thinderbolt right to the top corner

The return leg - Partido de vuelta

Then for the 2nd goal another good finish from midrange showing vision and confidence in a context (Argentine football) where almost noone tries from mid range

This nervousness translated to the last few minutes also and he missed his PK which is uncharacteristic as he does strike the ball very well

to come from behind and win

To his credit JUGADOR was involved in 2 of EQUIPO's goals, including the assist to GOLEADOR in the 1st goal, lovely cross indeed

Tried 2 times from mid range without much luck

Very sharp including 2 goals from the (POSICION)

Was booked and could have been red carded for 3 offences in succession

Was caught out in possession and could have thrown the game away for this

Was clever to beat his marker to the ball following an ASISTIDOR cross

Was involved in the first goal and then took the PK well

Was involved in the goal with a good penetration on the left and had 5-6 more good touches indicating talent, good movement and decent technical ability

Was on the edge and controlled by the DMF but dashed to get the rebound beating everyone to tha ball and being actually the only field player to actually follow up and expect the defender to miss

Was twisting and turning when fronting him up 1v1 to force a corner

Well-weighted cross in the 88th minute

With the score 1x0 he had a golden opportunity when he stormed into the left side of the box but then denied EQUIPO a bigger league for passing it poorly -really poorly

Would play centrally for a while then switch to the right with OTRO ATT taking care of the CFWD role